Fairy Magic

So many hugs to you, Princess Bonita :) love~Autumn Maasi

She holds her doll, who holds her doll

the Magic calls

and no one falls

Flowers in  her hair

the Princess has not one single care

All three have a bracelet of gold

and wings so bold

Look real close and you will see

that’s how it is~ one, two, three

Heaps of magic in the air so still

can you feel it’s thrill ?

Such a sight

this lovely night

As all three smile

they take awhile

Happy girls they are

Time to catch a falling star …

Happy National Fairy Day

Wow, those cute little fairies have their own special day! :) Yes indeed, those magical fairies that Autumn loves to write about and honor, Yay! The fairies are dancing and twirling and just plain honored at this special day made for them all I hear. Autumn is one happy Twinnie today, she has been smiling and celebrating like crazy…You would have thought she designated the day herself! ;)

For all who just love those fairies, from Tinkerbell to all the fairies in the whole world will embrace this day! :) I know I do and I really love fairies and yes, I do clap because I believe in them…You already know Autumn claps, too! Remember that line in the movie Peter Pan…Clap your hands if you believe in fairies. I hope you are all clapping, clap harder if you can kind readers so we can hear you! ;) :)

It’s too much fun, I keep smiling myself just thinking about it, because it’s such a lovely idea. I’m not sure how it all started, who started it and all but did they ever designate one awesome day. The fairies pave the way for everyone to smile, maybe dance and just love all things magical, mystical and mysterious! We have our Fairy Godmother, the garden fairies, the fairies come in all sizes, too! We have the fairies who do this and that, whatever you may need  and guard and protect. I don’t want us to forget the much-needed Tooth Fairy… Flying here and there. She collects all those precious baby teeth that are lovingly placed under pillows, put in trinket boxes and all and money is left behind to make the little boys and girls content at parting with those baby teeth. So many wonderful and happy things all these fairies do! Bestowing amazing things and magical acts…Autumn has told me all about them so I know these things, Yay Autumn! :)

Fairies have their own day, they sure do need to be celebrated and we Twinnies are embracing the day and overjoyed. Make a wish, it just may come true today of all days…It doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl! Oh, Autumn reminded me to tell you…Don’t you dare forget to clap because the fairies have to know you certainly do believe! :) :)

The Fairy of Love

For Bonita, with much love and hugs from Autumn Maasi, you are the best niece ever :)

The Fairy of Love

She’s the fairy of love

flying so high up above

Singing as she goes along

Her  string of hearts are very strong

She wants everyone to smile

all that live across the miles

Her favorite color is red

That’s what she says

What do you think of that?

I wonder if she has a red cat :)

Red flowers in her hair

she hasn’t a care

She flutters her wings

and continues to sing

She sends lots of love

and even some hugs!

Magic Night Light

Bonita, this looks fun :) a ride on a lily pad! Love and hugs, Autumn Massi

The Princess floats at night
on a lily pad with its own light

look at the sparkles on her wings
she is ready to start to sing

Her tiara pretty and new
it shines through and through

Look at the moon in the sky
that’s it, up way up high

It follows along
humming a song !

It’s magic after all
watching over the Princess, she won’t fall

She looks happy as can be
under the branches of the trees

What a lovely sight
as she wishes with all her might

a smile and a spin
time to begin

her flight back home
no more time to roam

She sings a happy tune
and waves goodbye to the moon …

Bubbles and Magic

For Bonita, have a happy, happy day fairy princess :) love, Autumn Massi

Magic Bubbles here and there
and everywhere!

She flies about the water blue
she knows what she’ll do

she giggles and spins
magic again

it’s a lovely little pond
of which she’s very fond

part of the garden with flowers
and sometimes rain showers

it’s so much fun
and she has just begun

More bubbles fly
how many can you spy?

she catches a bubble in her hand
and holds on as long as she can

she whirls and twirls
she’s a happy girl

the bubbles sparkle and shine
she thinks, “this is all mine”

A talent she has, it’s true
I can tell, can you?

She flies up higher and starts for home
she waves and says, “off I go alone”

ta ta for now, see you soon
on another lovely day in June …

The Castle so Grand

I wish you a happy day, Princess Bonita and magic all around :) love and hugs Autumn Maasi

It is a castle so grand
with beautiful land

A unicorn so pretty with a purple mane
She loves the princess who has much fame

Their magic whirls all around
with a musical sound

The princess and her bunny
are a little bit funny :)

A mommy deer dances by
and the swans watch the butterflies

Is that a frog I see?
he’s ever so green as he can be

Flowers grace the grounds
of the very magic town

A rainbow in the sky
and the clouds float softly by

A happy place
and not a trace

of anything sad
everyone is always glad

The princess is glad that’s it’s home
and she’s never alone

she has her Mom and Dad,
they know all is good, never bad

A magic place
so filled with grace …


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The birds sing to the Princess Fairy

A poem for Bonita, with heaps of love and hugs Autumn Maasi :)

Little birds, one, two, three
sing a happy tune in a tree

Pink in her wings
and pretty things

a bracelet of gold
and smiles foretold

lovely shoes on her feet
the birds say, tweet, tweet

The fairy princess is their friend
her love for them will never end

Up so high she really did fly
She saw a butterfly passing by

She waved and flew
already she knew

that the songs will ring
and all would bring and sing

in this magic land so nice
everyone is smiling even the mice!!

The Princess fairy twirls and spins
she’s flying back home again …

Fairy Princess all in White …

More hugs and love, Fairy Princess, Bonita  :) Autumn Maasi

Fairy Princess dressed in white
what a fun filled night

dipping her toes in the stream
it’s not a dream

The butterflies follow in a bunch
they have a silly hunch

Hmmm, the moon smiles, too
they know what the Princess will do

She giggles and twirls
such a silly girl

she flies around
and laughs with glee,
as she lands on the ground

A splish and a splash
and not one crash

She dances through the water, it’s fun!
Then she looks up and sees the twinkles have begun

More magic floats in the air
and weaves through the Princess Fairies hair :)

She flies for a bit
the sky is all lit

What a lovely time she had this night
so much magic and just like that
she’s off in her flight
She whispers “goodnight” …

Fairy Magic

For Bonita with love and hugs~  Autumn Maasi

She waves her magic wand so high
Towards the pretty star filled sky

Her magic grows each and every day
she casts the spells, they’re on their way!

The flowers wave hello and smile
they just love that darling fairy child

Standing on her toes
she just knows

That the stars are bright
this very night

She spins around
oops she landed on the ground

the little fairy laughs again
she thinks she’ll try another spin

Yay, this one’s better by far
she looks and sees a shooting star

Wishes and magic work, we know
all around it really shows

Time to tell the stars goodnight
it’s been such a lovely sight

Off the little fairy runs
she needs to get home before the sun!


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What You Think Upon Grows Day

Well, this is an interesting bizarre and somewhat unusual holiday, isn’t it? It’s today May 31st, sorry not to give more notice, but start thinking now! You all simply have to join in on this one and please share, you just need to! Oh my goodness, I am sounding like a bit of a bossy person but of course you kind readers know that I’m not.

So now,  I must ask you kind readers…How could I resist writing a post on this one?! It can be for the good…What you think upon grows, I have many ideas let me just say. Didn’t anyone doubt it for a minute? Of course I will be happy to share, as will Autumn. She loved this not celebrated on the calendar  holiday when she heard about it from me. Just think and think on it and about whatever you see fit…Then it will just grow!

Now I have a good plan for what I will be thinking upon and watching grow, it will be peace and happiness for everyone on this earth! Yay, I love my idea if I do say so myself and I sure would love to see peace and happiness grow & grow, spread all over! No more bad vibes, mean-spirited things, hatred, fighting, hurting and all the rest of all those sad and bad things.

Autumn says she wants magic to grow and become so powerful that she will join my wishes of peace and happiness! Wow, that Twinnie is so awesome…Imagine what could happen! Well, we will keep thinking upon this all day long, waiting to watch it all grow…So be watching for it kind readers because you never do know.

How about all of you? Any ideas of what you would like to think upon to just grow, it’s up to all of you…But please do feel free to share! This is one very good not celebrated holiday, so let your imaginations just soar! :) :)