In the Shape of a Heart~Written By Gabby Angel

The song

I had listened to my Jackson Browne CD, just the other day “The Best of Jackson Browne”. Many good songs on that CD, but one song stuck in my mind. Not because of the lyrics exactly, but more the tune and the title of the song. It’s called “In the Shape of a Heart”, the song kept coming back to me more than a few times.

Then, an idea struck me! How many things do I own personally In the shape of a heart? Surely I am not the only one who likes things shaped like a heart, of course not. I believe the most popular jewelery designs are the heart and the cross. Right now we are talking hearts though.

In the Shape of a Heart

Performed and written by Jackson Browne
It was a ruby that she wore
On a chain around her neck
In the shape of a heart
In the shape of a heart
It was a time I won’t forget
For the sorrow and regret
And the shape of a heart
And the shape of a heart
I guess I never knew
What she was talking about
I guess I never knew
What she was living without
People speak of love don’t know what they’re thinking of
Wait around for the one who fits just like a glove
Speak in terms of belief and belonging
Try to fit some name to their longing
People speak of love


Although I do own a lot of cross earrings…Back to hearts, I can distract myself quite easily when thinking of earrings. I own too many earrings to count at this moment, I can safely say well over 100. At any rate, hearts and some of the odd, quirky or unusual things in the shape of a heart that I own? Then all of you can think about what objects you own in the shape of a heart, too.

We ladies are drawn to the heart shaped objects, because it symbolizes love aren’t we? Or perhaps because it makes us think of our own heart, if it’s an open and loving one specifically. Looking around here are some examples of objects I own “In the shape of a heart”.
One of my personal favorites a real heart shaped flat rock, Dad found years ago. I do treasure that one, made by nature and found by my Dad.
The next about a dozen craft type hearts: wooden, wicker,  hammered bronze and glass. A cute little tiny green colored clock in a heart shape, another clock of a kitty with a heart where the hands of the clock are located. A silver little heart shaped jewelry box, two cute little ceramic boxes, all in the shape of a heart.
A couple sun catchers hanging on my windows are very unusual and heart shaped. Several sets of wind chimes, too and I do love the sound of those, who doesn’t? A wooden shelf with heart cutouts, it a fairly large one and angels adorn that particular shelf.
That’s a whole other blog, those angels. Several heart shaped picture frames, can’t forget those. Too many, and I do mean many, too many earrings that feature a heart in some fashion. Just some examples of some of my assortment of heart shaped things.
Oh my, to think a song started this blog…Jackson Browne I must salute you!


Save the Earth ~by Autumn Sunshine

Save the Earth
It’s the dawn of a new day … sun rising in the morning

time for changes

Open your eyes to the beauty of the mountains …

I watch all the wonders of nature,

will it still be  here for our children’s children?

we so often take this earth for granted

we all have the power,

the strength to save what is left –

Let’s work together, stop the destruction,

the ravages everywhere

the senseless burning of the rain forests

endangered wildlife

so much beauty and it could be wiped out

we have to stand together, a force united

stop the damage today,

or we all will pay the price


it’ll all be gone forever …


I wrote this in April, 1995 … sadly we still are fighting …

Balance~by Autumn Sunshine


The balancing act

is in fact

so off track

a sort of attack

but I’m back…

watch me

I am free

to be

anything I wish today

and I just may

surprise you

very true

ahhh, you see, I knew

I have another plan

and I can

assure you I will


my last dreams

it means

and seems

to be my turn now…

Echoes~A poem by Autumn Sunshine :)



I hear your voice and words echo through my mind
I am searching for answers that
I may never find
a life filled with sunshine and smiles
lasted for such a very short while

So here I am alone again
trying to rebuild the dream and begin
answers are within my reach
students everywhere, but no one to teach

Echoes haunt my nights, yeah they do –
brightness everywhere, yet no  light
twisting roads ahead reach out
showing the way without a doubt

Still echoes haunt my nights
yeah, they do …
ending are never final, I’ve learned
Paths are chosen with many ways to turn

Dancing on the edge of nowhere
can be fun
but reality returns with the sun
tides are shifting slowly now
turning the key and opening a door is how

Echoes seem to fade and a new day is here … …

Bunkbeds…The Pros and Cons~Written by Gabby

Bunk Beds

Or might I say the ups and downs?

This thought came to me as I was looking again at old pictures. These old pictures usually do bring me all kind of memories. So I am off again, down memory lane.


Autumn and I shared a bedroom from the beginning, we had our nice little twin beds. As we got a bit older we finally got Dad and Mom to agree on making them into bunk beds. Here  comes the many pros and cons as well as ups and downs.

Our first dilemma, who would have the top bunk? After Autumn’s first night of climbing that little ladder to the top bunk it was settled. She developed this phobia about the top bunk and the heights thing, she hated it and it made her dizzy. Also, she narrowly escaped a fall from her adventure on the top bunk and that had made her nervous.

We then decided it best, to trade places.

I kind of liked the top bunk right away, I felt much like a princess that high up. Luckily no fear for me about the heights thing either. Guess I was too distracted pretending to be the “princess” in the Fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”.

I liked the little ladder, climbing up and down it was great fun. Although it did get tiring, up and down the ladder for drinks, a book and whatever seemed to take forever.  It had me wanting to create a shortcut.
So being brave one night I took a leap from the top bunk to the floor. Autumn was looking stunned and amazed when I landed, it was not exactly a smooth landing. No injuries, but my leap had been heard by Mom and Dad. They were not pleased with my shortcut in the slightest. So, I was cautioned to use the ladder and no more shortcuts.
Trouble Again ?

Autumn had also invented a new game of her own, not impressing me but she thought it great fun. She thought giving my mattress a poke and a bounce with her feet was ever so cool, I didn’t.

Autumn and I had also gotten into trouble bouncing stuffed animals and other things from top to bottom bunk, but it was fun! Alas, not to Mom and Dad it seemed. Our constant chatting back and forth was also now different, we seemed to be chatting louder. Again, not impressing our Mom and Dad.
Pretty soon, Autumn and I were complaining to our poor parents. We were sick of the bunk beds and wanted them back to normal. It made for easy and quieter chatting, getting around quicker, too and no new games were being invented that didn’t get us into some kind of trouble.
Too boring , Not our Style 🙂

After all that begging to have bunk beds. Autumn and I had grown tired of them within weeks! The next day, Dad said the bunk bed days were as of today going to end. He also warned they were going to stay this way, back to the floor and no complaints. We agreed, Autumn and I both assuring Dad the bunk beds were hopelessly not our style.

This made Dad chuckle of course and he remarked, that’s good twinnies…” Because once these bunk beds are back to normal, that’s that”. With a little of Mom’s help, our beds were back to our liking…

Solid Ground

Yay! Our adventure in bunk beds had ended and quite honestly we didn’t miss them in the slightest. Well, it had been worth a try and now we knew… Our beds and us were happier, back on solid ground.


.. Says Shadow

What is she saying ?

I wish I spoke “Cat lingo” for real. I never know quite what Shadow is wanting, I think sometimes it’s attention. She will just go “MEOW” and keep it up, I go into which ever room she’s in and look at her, then she blinks at me 🙂

Attention? No, it can’t be just that, she’ll do her “kitty serenade” of sorts usually when I am asleep or half asleep and I find it fun to at first “Meow” back to her. She loves it 🙂 Cassie will just look at me as if I have maybe “lost it” or maybe she knows what it means??


She is so vocal these days!!! It’s funny and also nice to hear and see. Well not as nice if I am half asleep and don’t want to wake up to “Meow” with her.

I have to say it’s entertaining, as well as being a bit of a puzzle. I love both the girl kitties and treat them equal. Shadow just is used to being the “baby” though she is way bigger than little calico Cassie. So we “Meow” …
If I say that to her “Who’s the baby?” she will blink at me and Meow, and then blink again. She knows she is the baby always 🙂

Sleep Meows

Right now Shadow is sleeping near me as I type and she will look up every so often to check on me, or making sure I’m here? I can feel the calmness in her now, it’s precious.
So out of the blue she will just do a soft “Meow in her sleep. Those meows are so much quieter. I guess they are part of her kitty dreams. She is in her kitty heart, still a baby and she romps in her dreams.

I am so careful to pet her often and not ignore her, she is just a kitty that needs lots and lots of attention.
Cassie was a year and a half old when we got her and Shadow at the local SPCA.

I guess Shadow thinks Cassie is her “Kitty Mom” and I am the human Mom. We, the lovers of our furbabies, have smiles and tears with our babies, don’t we?
I just take it all one day at a time with life with my girl kitties these days… We never know what a new day will bring us, after all. I just love them with all the love I have. I think it’s the best kind of love anymore, they love me without question. That is love and that is forever love, “MEOW” 🙂