Bunkbeds…The Pros and Cons~Written by Gabby

Bunk Beds

Or might I say the ups and downs?

This thought came to me as I was looking again at old pictures. These old pictures usually do bring me all kind of memories. So I am off again, down memory lane.


Autumn and I shared a bedroom from the beginning, we had our nice little twin beds. As we got a bit older we finally got Dad and Mom to agree on making them into bunk beds. Here  comes the many pros and cons as well as ups and downs.

Our first dilemma, who would have the top bunk? After Autumn’s first night of climbing that little ladder to the top bunk it was settled. She developed this phobia about the top bunk and the heights thing, she hated it and it made her dizzy. Also, she narrowly escaped a fall from her adventure on the top bunk and that had made her nervous.

We then decided it best, to trade places.

I kind of liked the top bunk right away, I felt much like a princess that high up. Luckily no fear for me about the heights thing either. Guess I was too distracted pretending to be the “princess” in the Fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”.

I liked the little ladder, climbing up and down it was great fun. Although it did get tiring, up and down the ladder for drinks, a book and whatever seemed to take forever.  It had me wanting to create a shortcut.
So being brave one night I took a leap from the top bunk to the floor. Autumn was looking stunned and amazed when I landed, it was not exactly a smooth landing. No injuries, but my leap had been heard by Mom and Dad. They were not pleased with my shortcut in the slightest. So, I was cautioned to use the ladder and no more shortcuts.
Trouble Again ?

Autumn had also invented a new game of her own, not impressing me but she thought it great fun. She thought giving my mattress a poke and a bounce with her feet was ever so cool, I didn’t.

Autumn and I had also gotten into trouble bouncing stuffed animals and other things from top to bottom bunk, but it was fun! Alas, not to Mom and Dad it seemed. Our constant chatting back and forth was also now different, we seemed to be chatting louder. Again, not impressing our Mom and Dad.
Pretty soon, Autumn and I were complaining to our poor parents. We were sick of the bunk beds and wanted them back to normal. It made for easy and quieter chatting, getting around quicker, too and no new games were being invented that didn’t get us into some kind of trouble.
Too boring , Not our Style 🙂

After all that begging to have bunk beds. Autumn and I had grown tired of them within weeks! The next day, Dad said the bunk bed days were as of today going to end. He also warned they were going to stay this way, back to the floor and no complaints. We agreed, Autumn and I both assuring Dad the bunk beds were hopelessly not our style.

This made Dad chuckle of course and he remarked, that’s good twinnies…” Because once these bunk beds are back to normal, that’s that”. With a little of Mom’s help, our beds were back to our liking…

Solid Ground

Yay! Our adventure in bunk beds had ended and quite honestly we didn’t miss them in the slightest. Well, it had been worth a try and now we knew… Our beds and us were happier, back on solid ground.


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