Echoes~A poem by Autumn Sunshine :)



I hear your voice and words echo through my mind
I am searching for answers that
I may never find
a life filled with sunshine and smiles
lasted for such a very short while

So here I am alone again
trying to rebuild the dream and begin
answers are within my reach
students everywhere, but no one to teach

Echoes haunt my nights, yeah they do –
brightness everywhere, yet no  light
twisting roads ahead reach out
showing the way without a doubt

Still echoes haunt my nights
yeah, they do …
ending are never final, I’ve learned
Paths are chosen with many ways to turn

Dancing on the edge of nowhere
can be fun
but reality returns with the sun
tides are shifting slowly now
turning the key and opening a door is how

Echoes seem to fade and a new day is here … …


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