In the Shape of a Heart~Written By Gabby Angel

The song

I had listened to my Jackson Browne CD, just the other day “The Best of Jackson Browne”. Many good songs on that CD, but one song stuck in my mind. Not because of the lyrics exactly, but more the tune and the title of the song. It’s called “In the Shape of a Heart”, the song kept coming back to me more than a few times.

Then, an idea struck me! How many things do I own personally In the shape of a heart? Surely I am not the only one who likes things shaped like a heart, of course not. I believe the most popular jewelery designs are the heart and the cross. Right now we are talking hearts though.

In the Shape of a Heart

Performed and written by Jackson Browne
It was a ruby that she wore
On a chain around her neck
In the shape of a heart
In the shape of a heart
It was a time I won’t forget
For the sorrow and regret
And the shape of a heart
And the shape of a heart
I guess I never knew
What she was talking about
I guess I never knew
What she was living without
People speak of love don’t know what they’re thinking of
Wait around for the one who fits just like a glove
Speak in terms of belief and belonging
Try to fit some name to their longing
People speak of love


Although I do own a lot of cross earrings…Back to hearts, I can distract myself quite easily when thinking of earrings. I own too many earrings to count at this moment, I can safely say well over 100. At any rate, hearts and some of the odd, quirky or unusual things in the shape of a heart that I own? Then all of you can think about what objects you own in the shape of a heart, too.

We ladies are drawn to the heart shaped objects, because it symbolizes love aren’t we? Or perhaps because it makes us think of our own heart, if it’s an open and loving one specifically. Looking around here are some examples of objects I own “In the shape of a heart”.
One of my personal favorites a real heart shaped flat rock, Dad found years ago. I do treasure that one, made by nature and found by my Dad.
The next about a dozen craft type hearts: wooden, wicker,  hammered bronze and glass. A cute little tiny green colored clock in a heart shape, another clock of a kitty with a heart where the hands of the clock are located. A silver little heart shaped jewelry box, two cute little ceramic boxes, all in the shape of a heart.
A couple sun catchers hanging on my windows are very unusual and heart shaped. Several sets of wind chimes, too and I do love the sound of those, who doesn’t? A wooden shelf with heart cutouts, it a fairly large one and angels adorn that particular shelf.
That’s a whole other blog, those angels. Several heart shaped picture frames, can’t forget those. Too many, and I do mean many, too many earrings that feature a heart in some fashion. Just some examples of some of my assortment of heart shaped things.
Oh my, to think a song started this blog…Jackson Browne I must salute you!

4 thoughts on “In the Shape of a Heart~Written By Gabby Angel

  1. Thanks Sunshine Sister, it was a fun blog to write. 🙂 So many things we own in the shape of a heart, maybe it will make some of the other girls reading this go count their own objects that are in “the shape of a heart”! 😉 TF ❤

  2. i wish there was a *LOVE* button. this is one of my favorites of yours. It’s so universal of the female sex to always want to have reminders around us. At least for me, i feel that it keeps hope alive before you find the one. & after i find the one, well, hopefully it’s a reminder to keep loving them. It’s easy to give up, because society has turned ‘love’ into solely meaning romance & lust. But it’s so much more than that..

    . Not that I’ve found it. but, based on my parents & grandparents, (some of your blogs), i feel like love is the romance, but all that’s after it too. It’s the sacrifice, it’s the witnessing to each other’s hopes & dreams, it’s the support. It’s the encouragement. it’s the ‘i still love you’s, it’s the forgiveness, it’s the understanding, it’s the giving, it’s the joy, it’s the laughing past the tears, Love is so much more than the romance. And for me, when times get tough, I reach for my heart shaped necklace my grandparents gave me on my 16th birthday… & i reassure myself, that someday, I wont have to go through this all alone anymore. Because i think anything & everything is better with someone else. I mean, yall are so blessed to be twins, I’m sure you understand that, right? Anyway, this is far too long to be a comment. But, nice blog. I really enjoy both of yours.

    • You are so kind wiith the compliments, no Love button but I’ll settle for a Like. 🙂 Wow, this is your favorite of my blogs so far? Thank you so very much! It sounds like you are very wise about the whole concept of love. Someday when it’s time, you will find the right guy to love. No need for settling for less than you deserve, but I do think you already know this. 🙂 I am happy you have seen the real love with your parents and grandparents. Also if some of my blogs or Autumn’s have helped you in any way, that makes me smile. You have a heart shaped locket from your grandparents, how lovely. You can reach for that when times get a bit shaky and find comfort. Autumn and I are very truly blessed to be twins, you got that one right. We couldn’t imagine life without each other to lean on and all, that’s for certain. Thanks for also enjoying both mine and Autumn’s blog! It wasn’t too long of a comment, don’t worry because I did enjoy reading what you had to say. Besides, I just answered with a fairly long reply of my own! 🙂 Take care! Gabby

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