.. Says Shadow

What is she saying ?

I wish I spoke “Cat lingo” for real. I never know quite what Shadow is wanting, I think sometimes it’s attention. She will just go “MEOW” and keep it up, I go into which ever room she’s in and look at her, then she blinks at me 🙂

Attention? No, it can’t be just that, she’ll do her “kitty serenade” of sorts usually when I am asleep or half asleep and I find it fun to at first “Meow” back to her. She loves it 🙂 Cassie will just look at me as if I have maybe “lost it” or maybe she knows what it means??


She is so vocal these days!!! It’s funny and also nice to hear and see. Well not as nice if I am half asleep and don’t want to wake up to “Meow” with her.

I have to say it’s entertaining, as well as being a bit of a puzzle. I love both the girl kitties and treat them equal. Shadow just is used to being the “baby” though she is way bigger than little calico Cassie. So we “Meow” …
If I say that to her “Who’s the baby?” she will blink at me and Meow, and then blink again. She knows she is the baby always 🙂

Sleep Meows

Right now Shadow is sleeping near me as I type and she will look up every so often to check on me, or making sure I’m here? I can feel the calmness in her now, it’s precious.
So out of the blue she will just do a soft “Meow in her sleep. Those meows are so much quieter. I guess they are part of her kitty dreams. She is in her kitty heart, still a baby and she romps in her dreams.

I am so careful to pet her often and not ignore her, she is just a kitty that needs lots and lots of attention.
Cassie was a year and a half old when we got her and Shadow at the local SPCA.

I guess Shadow thinks Cassie is her “Kitty Mom” and I am the human Mom. We, the lovers of our furbabies, have smiles and tears with our babies, don’t we?
I just take it all one day at a time with life with my girl kitties these days… We never know what a new day will bring us, after all. I just love them with all the love I have. I think it’s the best kind of love anymore, they love me without question. That is love and that is forever love, “MEOW” 🙂


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