Save the Earth ~by Autumn Sunshine

Save the Earth
It’s the dawn of a new day … sun rising in the morning

time for changes

Open your eyes to the beauty of the mountains …

I watch all the wonders of nature,

will it still be  here for our children’s children?

we so often take this earth for granted

we all have the power,

the strength to save what is left –

Let’s work together, stop the destruction,

the ravages everywhere

the senseless burning of the rain forests

endangered wildlife

so much beauty and it could be wiped out

we have to stand together, a force united

stop the damage today,

or we all will pay the price


it’ll all be gone forever …


I wrote this in April, 1995 … sadly we still are fighting …


4 thoughts on “Save the Earth ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. I know you wrote this some time ago, twinnie. It is so profund and so right on…The fight to save our earth keeps rolling. We just can’t ever give up! TF ❤

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