Blessed Are the Peacemakers ~written by Gabby

It’s not easy

Yes indeed…Blessed we peacemakers are! Why am I including myself? Because I am and will always be one of the peacemakers of this planet earth place. Is it an easy task? No, but I sure do try and try, then try harder…On it goes. I have always been this way,  I am proud of it too I must say.

Wise decision this being a peacemaker person? I don’t know, it’s the only way I can be. For me, it’s just not really a decision. It’s the way I’m made. So many people just dont even think about all this. They are just miserable, mean individuals and will stay that way until the end of time.

They just love a good fight, you know the kind I’m talking about? The nasty type, always loving to stir up a good fight and keep it going. Can you please these people…No, Never! I have tried many a time, it can’t be done. I used to get o frustrated, almost physically sick around and among fighting. Those arguments and horrible, ugly words being exchanged…I used to cry, lots.

All you need is Love

How I grew up there, there were 6 girls, including me in the family. Well, we were taught to always try and find peace with each other. Try not to make hateful statements, just do your best and get along. Of course arguing and bad words sometimes broke out, we were all girls! At the end of the day, nobody was going to sleep angry though. That was one of the rules, never let the sun set on your anger. If it took forever anyone not getting along, playing nice had to make amends.

Not always peace

It was such a sad shock as I got older, venturing out into thre real world.  Becausethe more I was out there in the real world, the more I saw very few people like me. I steered as far away from those evil, scary types as I could. Trying to be nice, calm things down whenever possible. Well, it wasn’t such an easy job. But, whenever thrown into a situation that was bad, I did try to stress the whole thing about why the whole peace attitude was so much better. I got laughed at sometimes, well many times actually…But it was how I rolled.

If a real determined person kept nailing me and I saw I couldn’t get my point across? Well, I walked awayand kept walking, too. I know it can’t be all peace, love, happiness and so on. But I refuse to surround myself with negativity if I can help it. It’s so very, very bad for the soul and the heart also.

Bad Vibes

Do I  expect everyone to be like me? Of course not…That would make it Heaven, not Earth. It happened quite recently, I was caught up in the midst of a person with such bad vibes. I am talking, a very closed heart, so closed it would never find peace. Just wanting to find all the bad in almost every instance, making others miserable. I really dislike losing the battle of not getting someone to change their heart. To find just a little light, maybe some forgiveness. It’s like a personal defeat for me. What to do? Walk away, no make that run as fast as I possibly could. It really is quite sad to be someone like this individual…What do I do?

Good Vibes

I thank God my heart and my life will never go that way, and I really do pray. I am a grown up and I do understand it can’t be all peace, love, handing out hugs and smiles and flowers. That life exists only in my dreams and like I mentioned before…Heaven. Just a thought to ponder on for the day, everyone.

Hoping perhaps you will take away some good vibes from this, just think about it, OK? Love and Peace Rules for me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are the Peacemakers ~written by Gabby

  1. What a great blog and a lot to ponder on this, Gabs. We were brought up in a unique way. All you need is Peace and Love… it’s not always the way in this world, is it? We got lucky and learned young about peace. Hope someone will learn and grow from this one 🙂 TF ❤

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