The magic …..

… of wishing on a star

It can happen

I wish on stars sometimes.  I wish for all sorts of things.  Who ever knows what can happen.   Peace and love and hope for mankind?  Well that’s needed for sure.

Magic in the skies, you just have to look and you never know what you may find. I believe in magic.  I think we should “reach for the stars”.


Actually quite a few yesterdays ago when I was a child I used to watch the night sky and wish and wish.

I think the wishing is what made me hold on to the magic even today. So here I am and I still love the night skies.

Don’t give up your dreams for anyone or anything! Because who knows…close your eyes after finding that “magic star” and wish 🙂


It’s full of surprises, life is.  It throws us a curve sometimes, then when we least expect it it “magic”…. something good happens.  I call that a “Zap”.

So find yourself a star tonight and wish, wish and wish again~  and may your wishes, dreams and hopes come true 🙂


2 thoughts on “The magic …..

  1. This was such a beautiful one twinnie. I enjoyed reading this so very much! 🙂 Like you, I will keep searching for the magic, always. TF ❤

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