Poems ~by Autumn Sunshine


Empty spaces

and faces

no traces

gone from this place

no emotions remain it seems

it means

hope is almost lost

at such a cost

changing world…..

a wish for a new tomorrow

with no more sorrow

don’t borrow

the pain

just remain

with one more hope it will last

into the future

forget the past

It’s a shiny new day……



I am done

only just begun

and I run

along the shore

add some more

if you want to

I do

the best I can

and I ran

so far and fast

enough to last

so long

and so wrong

never right

no end in sight

and I might

go sail away


or find a new way

I want to leave this place

find a new face

where I belong….



2 thoughts on “Poems ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Some more outstanding poems twinnie! 🙂 Well written, as always and they do make you think as well as ponder. Keep writing these poems Sunshine Sister! 🙂 Love you & TF ❤

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