Happy Autumn ~written by Autumn Sunshine


The air in the evening is really cooling off here in Pennsylvania.

Its my time of year

Yes, Autumn/Fall the Season I mean, it on it’s way. The play on my name and the season, yeah it’s funny and also fun.  I can feel it though, and it’s definitely turning into that cool “fall” feeling.

I love, love, love the Autumn season, the time of the year!! The changing color of the leaves,crisp cool air, Halloween  just all changes and even though I really just love the summer time, I have a love for the Fall, too.

Memories of football games and Halloween

Fall, it reminds me of my High School days and football games  and do you expect I ever dated a football player?? I am betting you all will guess a resounding NO, well yeah I actually did once.  I was so NOT  the “cheerleader” type.  I was the opposite of it, but I may havesaid a few “Rah, Rah, Rah’s” for the dude  He was a fearless one, he was dating a “Goth girl”.

The end of October, bring Halloween here in the States. I sure have a lot of those memories, too. Growing up in a small town and all my twin and I were having loads of fun as kids.

I have to remember how the neighbourhood was backwhen, so different now and the times are so changed. I feel a sadness that the kids of today will have less of a feeling of “safeness”, it’s sad, but yeah, the times do change.

Like the Changing seasons

I am of course used to the “parade” of season and the changes due to living here where I do. I would love to live somewhere else, where it’s warmer. 

I wonder would I miss the Fall/Autumn season? Hmmm… I don’t know that I would, I doubt it.  Give me the heat any day!!!!

So to all you wonder what I say about the season? I just say …


Happy Autumn”, of course 

Celebrate the changes in our lives and remember to smile, too!


Tying One On… BY Gabby Angel

Another adventure

Growing up, Autumn and I were blessed to have two of our best buddies live across the street from us. They were brothers, Tim and Alex and for boys they were really very cool and most times a lot of fun. Their family and ours had moved in to our houses at the same time, we all hit it off and became fast friends.

The nice part about Tim and Alex they were well mannered and treated us with respect. Not that they couldn’t get rowdy, well so could Autumn and I! Tim was our age and Alex was about 1& 1/2 years older than us.  We had so many adventures, but this one is just asking (and prodding me) to be told. So tell it I must, have a smile or perhaps a laugh I hope…But please do read on.

Read on 🙂

We were all around 8-9 years old at the time, tie-dying tee shirts was all the rage back then. Autumn and I had been telling the boys more about it. How our Mom had promised we were going to give it al whirl. Being boys at first they kind of laughed, saying wasn’t it just a girl thing? No, we promised., boys and girls alike were having tie-dying adventures. They finally agreed, Autumn and I had made it sound like to much fun to miss out on.

Our Mom and theirs were friends, so Mrs A. was going to be joining Mom in the fun. We were all getting excited about it, picking out our colors since we each got to pick on. I think back on that day and do chuckle. Whatever were our mothers thinking?

It gets better

Well, they were brave and thought it would be a fun project for all. The Moms were anxious to dye some of their own tee-shirts, too after all. So the big old pots were filled with the water and dye was ready. We were doing this project out back of our house on one of the picnic tables. Tee- shirts ready and the loads of rubber bands we would be using, all of us dressed in older clothes. Well, just in case the dye got splashed around too much, those Moms were really planning ahead.

They showed us how to wrap the rubber bands around parts of the material on the tee-shirts. It was fun, we were really all getting into this! The Moms were busy dipping a couple of the tee-shirts, then hung them up to dry. It really was going great lots of smiles and laughing, everyone just having a good time of it.


We were down to the last tee-shirt, and luck ran out of good behavior. Autumn got it into her head to see how Tim would look with blue(her color of choice) in his blond hair! Those two were such buddies, but we should have known to keep our eyes on them.

It happened fast, Autumn picked up a nearby cup and, filled it with blue dye and over Tim’s head it went. Tim, always ready to get in on the action was next. Over Autumn’s head went Tim’s color choice,  a cupful of some red dye went! Before the Mom’s could stop them the dye was flying, they were covered in it! Both of them laughing like crazy, just having a blast and acting like fools. They were a mess, Alex and I backed off being the sane ones. Content to just stand back and watch the show, while Dad hearing the ruckus popped out the back door. Just in the nick of time, too.

The Moms were having a hard time breaking up the action, well Dad stopped it real fast! Tie-dying fun was over for the day, thanks to those two. Autumn and Tim were washed off quickly, no real lasting harm done. It was talked about and also laughed about for years to come. Just on that particular day, nobody was laughing except the wild and crazy duo of Autumn and Tim.

P.S. The other tee-shirts turned out fine, by the way! 🙂 😉

Finally Free~by Autumn Sunshine

Finally Free


I am me

I can be

who I wish to now

and somehow

it all makes sense

you knocked down the fence

the walls

walked many halls

to find the reasons

and the season

that was past

at last….

I know who you are

you are my star

that shines so bright

and the light

and sight

of tomorrow….

it has gone on that last breeze

and time seems to freeze

I just look into your eyes

and realise

I am finally safe….