Happy Autumn ~written by Autumn Sunshine


The air in the evening is really cooling off here in Pennsylvania.

Its my time of year

Yes, Autumn/Fall the Season I mean, it on it’s way. The play on my name and the season, yeah it’s funny and also fun.  I can feel it though, and it’s definitely turning into that cool “fall” feeling.

I love, love, love the Autumn season, the time of the year!! The changing color of the leaves,crisp cool air, Halloween  just all changes and even though I really just love the summer time, I have a love for the Fall, too.

Memories of football games and Halloween

Fall, it reminds me of my High School days and football games  and do you expect I ever dated a football player?? I am betting you all will guess a resounding NO, well yeah I actually did once.  I was so NOT  the “cheerleader” type.  I was the opposite of it, but I may havesaid a few “Rah, Rah, Rah’s” for the dude  He was a fearless one, he was dating a “Goth girl”.

The end of October, bring Halloween here in the States. I sure have a lot of those memories, too. Growing up in a small town and all my twin and I were having loads of fun as kids.

I have to remember how the neighbourhood was backwhen, so different now and the times are so changed. I feel a sadness that the kids of today will have less of a feeling of “safeness”, it’s sad, but yeah, the times do change.

Like the Changing seasons

I am of course used to the “parade” of season and the changes due to living here where I do. I would love to live somewhere else, where it’s warmer. 

I wonder would I miss the Fall/Autumn season? Hmmm… I don’t know that I would, I doubt it.  Give me the heat any day!!!!

So to all you wonder what I say about the season? I just say …


Happy Autumn”, of course 

Celebrate the changes in our lives and remember to smile, too!


4 thoughts on “Happy Autumn ~written by Autumn Sunshine

  1. This was a good one twinnie! 🙂 Here it is the fall/autumn season already, I love this time of year. For all the reasons you mentioned and more.Happy Autumn I say, just like the little squirrel. 🙂 TF ❤

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