Poems ~By Autumn Sunshine


Always crashes

and clashes

and ashes

of broken dreams …

it seems

it means

that few smile …

that last mile

is the worst

and it hurts


not talking …


can’t we try

another round

and the sound

bounces …

though the empty halls

and shadowed walls

leaving a trail of tears

along with the fear

that the sun is gone

forever …





Grains of sand

that is all we are

just tiny

grains of sand

drifting through time …

yet we get lost

along the way

and every day

matters so much

and in such

a rush …

for time to slip


we lose track of

what matters most …





We all hold on so tight

with all our might

till the end

of the fight …

We hope

we cling on

till the very last

thread has broken

and we have woken …

up to see

that WE

do not get to choose

those that lose

just do …

and tomorrow

will arrive

whether we like it

or not …




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