Quotes~Written by Autumn Sunshine

On walking away, finally …

“I don’t need you, I don’t want you, I’ve had enough; it’s the end for real …”

“I hated you … all I feel now is relief, you are alone, you didn’t deserve me …”

“I left because you lied to me over and over and you lied to yourself …”

“I listen to the music now and it means nothing … every trace of you is gone”

“I remember you toward the end of ‘us’ … I wish you well on your way to hell”

“It was time of madness filled with pain … it’s over …”

“Looking back over my shoulder at the wreckage of my past, I laughed and walked away, it’s over … it’s finally over”

“Once upon a time, there was you and me … now I am free … I am ME …”

“Troubled souls like you … I’ve had it this time … it’s too much, far too much”

“Yesterday was a nightmare … you are gone and I am safe now …”

“You did some damage on your way out … I was foolish enough to trust you one last time”


“You looked at me in surprise, Why? You thought I’d stay, you are such a fool …”

“You made me sad that I ever heard your name or saw your face … goodbye was the only way …”


4 thoughts on “Quotes~Written by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Just love your quotes twinnie! šŸ™‚ Excellent and very profound, what a talent you are Sunshine Girl!! šŸ™‚ TF <3=Twins Forever!!

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