Quotes by Autumn Sunshine

On Life

“And in the end, all that matters is what ‘I’ think, I matter, I am worthwhile, I am”

“Another time, another place and we could be happily ever after”

“Dancing on the edge of Nowhere can be fun … but reality returns with the sun”

“Dawn is breaking, you were my comforting strength through this endless night”

“I can bend – I can break – I’m not made of steel after all”

“I’m alive … I strive to be free this time around”

“I’m out of the maze … another page I’ve turned”

“In the eyes of a stranger I found the truth … I am better than I’ve ever been”

“Laughter echoes through the halls, and shadows dance along the walls, it’s a brand new day”

“Life is one step at a time; slow and easy for some …for ones like me it’s running against the wind”

“Life, such a puzzle … pieces that don’t quite fit together”

“Nothing lasts forever, not the good/nor the bad … it’s all just part of the journey called life”

“Smiling and sunshine and another lifetime of choices … I have chosen way differently this time”

“To hell and back I have journeyed … I am one of the lucky few, I have returned”

“The laughter is back … amazing, I do believe, I finally do”

“There is always an ending … always and forever … nothing lasts”

“Things worth having are worth waiting for”


A Special Candy Dish~Written by Gabby Angel

I was reaching for one of my favorite’s, a butterscotch hard candy, when so many happy thoughts came rushing to my mind. The special candy dish my stash of buttercotch sits in was handed down to me. Technically an antique now, it really is and I have taken good care of it over the years. The Great-Aunt who owned this was Mom’s Aunt, our Nana’s sister, Aunt Alice. I remember her so clearly, although she left for Heaven way too young.

Autumn and I were only about six years old when she left this earth, but I remember her well. Sometimes my memory that is clear and goes back to 18 months old is quite the blessing. What a special and much loved Great Aunt she was, going to visit her was always a joy. She only lived a couple blocks away, in between our house and our Nana’s. This candy dish always held butterscotch hard candies by Aunt Alice, I carry on the tradition of course.

Those memories of our special people are the best, it’s like having them with us in a way. I have kept this candy dish nice and safe, the times I’ve moved this was so specially and carefully wrapped. I really do treasure the memories of Aunt Alice, she was such a sweet person and her sense of humor was amazing. We laughed a lot when in her company. Although she wasn’t our Nana’s twin, they looked so much alike and their behavior was very similiar. They both thought Autumn and I just so intriguing and loved us spoiling us to no end. In a way it was sometimes like having two Nana’s, and that was a very cool and awesome thing actually.

Anyway, when visiting Aunt Alice she made sure there was always butterscotch candies in this special candy dish. It started an early love of butterscotch for me and the “Aunt Alice” vibes still to this day every time I taste butterscotch. She was a nurse our Aunt Alice, a very nuturing, loving woman. She was so very patient with Autumn and I she would play different board games with us, like Candy Land and always making us laugh.

Another really nice memory I have is, she would also give us tea and other drinks in the coolest little teacups. Aunt Alice just knew what made us little girl twinnies feel special. Like I said she left this earth way too early and much too young, but having such fond, wonderful and good memories helps to keep her close.

I picture her hanging out with our Nana and checking in on Autumn and I, watching us throughout the years. Having her special candy dish is an honor, I will treasure it and keep it safe as long as it’s my care. Of course also making sure to keep it stocked up with those delicious butterscotch hard candies! 🙂