Quotes by Autumn Sunshine

On Life

“And in the end, all that matters is what ‘I’ think, I matter, I am worthwhile, I am”

“Another time, another place and we could be happily ever after”

“Dancing on the edge of Nowhere can be fun … but reality returns with the sun”

“Dawn is breaking, you were my comforting strength through this endless night”

“I can bend – I can break – I’m not made of steel after all”

“I’m alive … I strive to be free this time around”

“I’m out of the maze … another page I’ve turned”

“In the eyes of a stranger I found the truth … I am better than I’ve ever been”

“Laughter echoes through the halls, and shadows dance along the walls, it’s a brand new day”

“Life is one step at a time; slow and easy for some …for ones like me it’s running against the wind”

“Life, such a puzzle … pieces that don’t quite fit together”

“Nothing lasts forever, not the good/nor the bad … it’s all just part of the journey called life”

“Smiling and sunshine and another lifetime of choices … I have chosen way differently this time”

“To hell and back I have journeyed … I am one of the lucky few, I have returned”

“The laughter is back … amazing, I do believe, I finally do”

“There is always an ending … always and forever … nothing lasts”

“Things worth having are worth waiting for”

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