Quotes, When love ends~by Autumn Sunshine

On when love ends…

“I’m smiling … don’t look too close or you’ll see the tears”

“I’m surviving … what you destroyed within my soul, I am rebuilding”

“It’s so easy … no one notices as I fade away into the shadows of doubt”

“Laughing at life … the joke is on you … I win, because you lost”

“Love is not supposed to hurt … so you and I are not LOVE”

“My walls are higher now … somehow I will close this chapter and turn the page”

“Save my soul you said, I just looked at you and laughed, you have no soul”

“Strange, I actually like you again … our dance with destiny ended … yet we are friends”

“Take one last look if you want to … I’m gone, you never deserved even one tenth of the love I gave you

“You made me smile … now the tides have turned … I’ve learned”

“Your silence tells me more than your words ever did”

No Speeding Allowed ~Written by Gabby

Well, that’s the law. In my little town the speeding limit is 25 miles per hour. Earlier this evening I noticed a car pulled over, all I could think…Yay, it wasn’t me! That sounds kind of mean and uncaring, it’s not honestly.

The speed being set at such a level just begs for people not to follow it. I mean it, it really is quite unfair but alas it stays that way.Still holding steady at 25 miles per hour, they aren’t changing it, although many of challenged the powers that be to do so. Being one of those people who learn from their mistakes, I will follow the speed limit no matter what. Even when someone is riding my bumper, tailgating like crazy, my speed stays at 25. When it seems like I may get run off the road or perhaps rear ended by somebody’s car, I even pull over.

I must confess to swearing silenting and thinking I hope it’s one of those speeding tailgaters who gets pulled over next! Why am I so staunch in my not ignoring that set speed limit? Because I got stopped by the nice local police officer almost a year ago! I am one who learns from her mistakes, yes I am! As a matter of fact that  sweet twin sister of mine, Autumn was with me when I got pulled over that dreary day. I wasn’t exactly following the speed limit, OK I was going 8 miles over the limit. Well, that’s what the police officer said anyway. This next part is embarassing, but what did I do when pulled over? I burst into tears, I didn’t mean to but I did.Surprising both Autumn and I, also shocking, as well as probably scaring the poor cop as well.

Never having had a speeding ticket, I was so upset and I started to cry thinking I was going to receive one. What happened? I really did escape the ticket, not that I expected favors or thought I was so special because I’m not. Was it a double whammy for the cop with me crying, Autumn talking and telling the police officer why I didn’t deserve it? Maybe partly, what kind of fool bursts into tears, carries on about “I never had a ticket” an goes on and on relentlessly? With her much adored twin putting in her 2 cents?!I mean seriously the poor man was having trouble getting a word in edgewise. Also working in my favor, there were several cars going way, way over the limit. Pointed out quite kindly by Autumn to the cop, I must add.

I got a nice warning, the police officer retreated to his own car, in fast pursuit of the last speeder who was going at least 40 miles per hour. That was 15 miles over the limit, they  deserved the ticket more than I did, by far. OK, so like I said I do learn from my mistakes, I will follow the 25 miles per hour no matter what. So now and then when I see someone pulled over  which seems quite often I need to say.I just really think to myself…The speed limit is pretty ridiculous.

But follow it or else, the car being pulled over next will not be me…I guarentee it!