Quotes about Love~by Autumn Sunshine

On Love

“After all it is written in the stars”

“All I know is that you love me … in my dreams”

“Brand new together, … me and you”

“Don’t walk away … I can make you change your mind about miracles”

“Do you feel the magic that is us”

“Every word that you say, another piece of my heart you take”

“Follow me into the night, we can wander till we can run to catch the sun”

“I am so lucky,so blessed to love a man like you this time around …”

“I feel blindsided by this feeling … the happiness that is you”

“I have found the answer in your eyes … you lead me out of the darkness”

“I looked at the stars tonight, and thought of you … wishes do come true sometimes”

“I never met a man like you and probably I never will again”

“I never said that to a man, I will go anywhere with you; but I will…”

“In my dreams we are dancing slowly, the music flows around us …”

“My love for you never ends … it’s forever”

“Peace and tranquil thoughts … loving you feels so right”

“Take my hand,it’s OK … we can climb this mountain …”

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything”

“Thoughts of you wander through my mind so often … I wonder do you do the same?”

“Through the darkness you found me … and I will love you for that forever, for real”

“You are free in your dreams, as I am in mine … follow me in never never land”

“You are the man I love … it is you, it always was you”

“You hold my heart … please treat it very carefully”

“Your smile touches my heart, my soul … I believe in magic again”


8 thoughts on “Quotes about Love~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. I love quotes, and have some faves 🙂 I love Rabindranath Tagore, my dream to visit India someday. I have had that thought since I was young, it just fascinates me!!

    Your writing is so good 🙂 glad I found you!

    • All we can do is hold onto our dreams and make them reality someday…my daughter’s friend is in India right now! Thanks so much for your complement; I’m still learning! And ditto on finding the blogs! 🙂

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