The Twins Become Teenage Groupies~by Gabby Angel :)

Becoming teenage groupies how exciting does that sound?

We’re with the Band

Autumn and I were over the moon when our cousin announced to us he was forming a band with 3 of his friends. We were 141/2 years old & this was going to be ever so awesome!  We had our own tambourines and of course loved to sing, alas the guys wouldn’t let us be IN the band with them. The hanging out at practice and some gigs was making us dance with joy as it was. So, no complaints from us!

We had met the guys before and knew them somewhat, they were all a few years older than us. Rock stars already in our teenage minds! Our cousin David was and still is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and guitarist; he was so humble and also still is about his talent. He’s a cousin on the Italian side and he’s like a brother to us; luckily also very patient then and now with us. First practice was coming up and would be at the drummer’s house in his parents garage. OK Autumn and I were excited to be going for the music, but honestly also we were busy deciding what to wear, how to do our hair and all that girly sort of thing.


Randy was Autumn’s crush and took her hand at one point, dancing her around. She is my twin sister and I do swear the girl was swooning, I kid you not!  In my mind Randy really kicked off her love of the “Hair Bands”.  It was her David Coverdale clone in person!  Anyway she is a bit more outgoing than me, so she was in her element. I myself almost passed out when Mike handed me his drumsticks and our hands touched … heaven knows what I would have done if he had taken my hand and danced me around!  Oh my, the silliness of young girls is something else as I reflect back to that day.

Practice was coming to an end and Randy was already inviting Autumn along for next week, I was chatting to David, Mike and Rob (Oops, didn’t mean to leave him out). To clarify Rob’s instrument was the key boards and he was also a nice guy. They welcomed us all of them, of course loving the idea of this whole groupie thing. We ended up being a big draw for them at later gigs, the groupie twins who also sang and just simply loved shaking our tambourines.

How it all ends

Did any of us end up hitting the big time, sadly no we didn’t but they did have a local following that wasn’t too shabby  Did Autumn or I end up with our crushes, no again but we all remained friends. Ironically enough I married my very own drummer Dave and his voice rocked my world, sadly he passed away 8 years ago with evil cancer and my soulmate awaits me in Heaven. Autumn’s best guy her late fiance Craig was also a very gifted bass player and a wonderful singer. The guys were in a band together for quite some time though, I would say we were Dave and Craig’s best groupies.  After all we had lots of practice as teenagers, didn’t we?


2 thoughts on “The Twins Become Teenage Groupies~by Gabby Angel :)

  1. This really is just a fun memory and we sure were the best groupies ever. I must certainly agree with you on that one twinnie! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever!!

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