Journey~written by Autumn Sunshine


A journey into the past

a glimpse at what might have been….

You saying everything

I would have wanted to hear a year ago

Too much has happened, far too much

I no longer love you,

maybe I never did…

I just don’t want to hurt you anymore.

No more pain

not for you or for me

So please,

if you love me

the way you claim to,

please just let go.

I can’t be with you,

not now or ever…..


How High Can You Swing?~Written by Gabrielle Angel :)

Swinging on swings can be so much fun! 🙂 Trust me on this one, it really can be. Maybe some of you reading this may have children and have a swing set in your own backyard.

I have a little park only a couple blocks from my house, which is nice. Walking over from time to time is nice as well as quite relaxing. It also does bring back those memories of childhood days and playground and parks times. Autumn and I were also blessed to have our own swing set in our backyard.

Some people do feel the art of swinging is left to the young, well I  have to disagree. I still have fun swinging on any swing I do encounter! Who else is with me on this? I can still swing the best of them, in my little park. I really do try and behave myself most of the time when in the public little park. I can’t be a bad example to the younger kids, or having their mothers be appalled at my inner child coming out to play.

A few weeks ago I was happy when one of the Moms got on the swings with her little girl. We had a nice chat as well, which was a bonus.  My husband Dave used to go off to the parks with me sometimes, and we really would have a real blast swinging.  It was most awesome when he would push me on my swing, he was good at that. I could soar even higher with those pushes from Dave!

Back when I was a kid, Autumn and I would always see how high we could swing. We were always challenging each other to see who could soar the highest. It really was the coolest of times, we had a good old time of it and so many great memories for us to reflect on. We didn’t have any  lasting injuries either, so we were well behaved most of the time anyway. 😉 Only a few times did we give our parents a scare, as well as startling our little twinnie selves.

As the little sisters came along Autumn and I felt it was our duty to teach them all the joys of swinging. Usually we were pretty patient with those little sisters, after all we wanted them to have fun, too. They all got really good at. In talking to them about these awhile back, I sadly discovered none of them are still on those swings, except our youngest little sister. She and her husband have two fairly young little boys and they also have a swing set in their backyard. So, she will often have a grand time swinging on those swings with those adorable little nephews. Yay, for her I say and it’s good to know the family tradition goes on! 🙂

How many of you reading this now feel like taking off to a park? Go ahead, just go get on those swings and unleash your own inner child! 🙂