Craig – in loving memory of “us” ~by Autumn Sunshine

Craig – in loving memory of “us”

You are in my dreams

and you feel so real

I wake up and look around,

but as always

you are not here …

I love you, I miss you

and I need you …

It hurts, cuts like a very sharp knife …

Why did I believe that one day

we would be married

live happily ever after …

In our next life


Or will you return to me

in my dreams over and over

Until I meet you on the other side …



2 thoughts on “Craig – in loving memory of “us” ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. This is just such a sad but real poem about you and Craig. He was such a wonderful man and your soulmate, so missed by you and all of us. Very much missed as a brother and a friend by me. You certainly will meet up with him on the other side, until then he really is only a whisper away. TF <3=Twins Forever!! 🙂

  2. The writing really does help, and that whisper away seems further. Some days are worse than others. Craig was the best ever the very, very best. I know you miss him, too. He was a protector for sure 🙂 TF ❤

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