Halloween Decorations… Written by Gabby Angel :)

In my neighborhood I noticed the other day, one of my neighbors was really decked out for Halloween already. Well, they do have young kids and they want to make it fun! Every year they are the most decorated house on the block, down to those huge inflatable decorations. Lots of lights all over the place, too and so festive. I know one thing that goes through my mind is…Wonder how high their light bill is? It’s not being unkind or judging, it’s just one of those ramdom thoughts of mine.

Down the block, is a nice family who I saw were also already all decorated. They were really going to be shaking it up this year. The teenagers in the  family got their way, so they have scary sound effects rolling. Along with some what kind of rather unusual and somewhat creepy decorations. It’s not my style or cup of tea, but everyone is different, right?

This is kind of causing a bit of a stir, I heard…Some of the neighbors are not happy about those sound effects or the rather tastless monsters and other things. They are upset it will be scary and awful for the younger kids. It’s a good point I must say, but I won’t get involved in this kind of neighborhood rumblings. Not my business to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do, that is my humble opinion only.

Staying true to my belief, everyone is free to do as they please. Quite honestly, they only run the sound effects for a short while each night. You kind of have to go with the flow, these neighbors are only expressing themselves as they feel they must do.My only worry is that someone will take it upon themselves to dismantle the neighbors work or trash it. I am hoping no major battles break out either! It really will only last for a month or so, after all. Why can’t everyone just get along and respect each other anyway?

When Autumn and I were young, such things didn’t happen. Decorations were much simpler, times were different. If I had my way, it would be that way today. It’s the way I decorate, very simple actually because less is more in my opinion.

It does kind of sadden me to hear of the neighbors bickering in my neighborhood.

How are things going in your neighborhood? Are any of your neighbors decorated for Halloween already? How about any of you, do you have your houses decked out yet? What’s your opinion on the whole deal, I would be ever so interested to know.

As for me, I will just keep praying for neighbor peace to reign! That’s all I ever want, always…Oh, if only I were in charge! 😉

2 thoughts on “Halloween Decorations… Written by Gabby Angel :)

    • I hear tell some of the neighbors are still arguing, but you’re probably right twinnie. They just “have to” and I will just stay out it and be nice to all of them. 🙂 I am not taking any sides! Honestly, it seems like a very small thing in the big scheme of things after all. TF <3=Twins Forever!! 🙂

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