Frozen~by Autumn Sunshine


A collage of pictures wander through my mind
moments in time
captured …
forever frozen
now when there is no more
you and me
and I am only one
with half of my soul gone
snow falls upon your grave
as the the cold wind chills me,
tears freezing on my face.
And for the final time
I trace your name in the marble
then lean against it’s strength,
as I wait patiently to join you on the other side …

Forever, Craig–death did not separate us

2 thoughts on “Frozen~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. You and Craig, I really do love that picture of you guys. It’s one of the best! I do remember this day, so you are writing from a real event. Sad, but such a loss that there can’t help be such sadness. TF <3=Twins Forever!!

  2. I knew you would remember, this is such a battle sometimes isn’t it? The loss and the sadness overwhelm at time. I look at the pictures of Craig and I am smile, that hair, it was prettier than mine 🙂 TF ❤

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