One more look at you~written by Autumn Sunshine

One more look at you

Wishing for one more look at you

I feel you around me sometimes and think about the

Dreams we had that should have come true …

Five years since they told me

your gentle spirit was no more

The flame burnt out —

No more whispers in the middle

of the night

telling me you loved me

No more smiles that started

in your eyes

and touched my very soul..

Craig ~ I love you always ~ our love has withstood death


7 thoughts on “One more look at you~written by Autumn Sunshine

  1. This is such a heartbreaking poem, but it’s all so true, twinnie. Craig was such a wounderful guy, your fiance and soulmate and he is surely so missed by you and also by so many of us. He was a special friend to me, but more like a brother, it really is an emptier world without him. Love you. TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. I do think Craig is missed by more people than he’d ever have imagined. He was like a brother to you šŸ™‚ but he did touch a lot of lives and the world is emptier for sure, some days hit me harder than others. Well, you know what I mean. TY for the encouragement, Gabs. My poems are getting better šŸ˜‰ TF ā¤

    • Well, Craig knows now how very many lives he touched. I know twinnie how some days are worse than others, I go through the same thing with missing Dave. Dad, Dave, Craig and so many of our loved ones in Heaven…Sometimes it just seems impossible that we’ve lost them. You deserve the encouragement, your poems are just getting better and better! šŸ™‚ TF ā¤

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