People Make Me Wonder…~By Gabrielle Angel

That’s the thought I am pondering for the day, people make me wonder. Yes, they surely do and I am starting to question this world around me even more. Being a person who tries to look for and at the best in people, against all odds sometimes. Well, my spirit is now starting to not respond the way it used to, I am feeling a bit troubled. I am the type of person who would never hurt anyone on purpose, thoughtful to a maybe ridicoulous extreme.

What has now dampenend my spirit, the demented actions of others. Why was I a target, I am kind and try to be cheerful to all I encounter, while minding my own business. I had an angel statue setting outside my door for quite a few years now. It was comforting and I liked it sitting there, it was my special angel. Well, imagine my surprise when opening my front door today and there’s the angel trashed and in pieces. Who would do such a thing, why this destruction? My neighbors and I get along, or so I thought and this has left me just a bit shaken. Nothing else was touched, just the angel statue.

That is just something that crushed me to the core of my being, it made me cry. Not for the money involved in the cost of this beautiful statue, but for the invasive feelings that now haunt me. Is nothing sacred, I live in a small neighborhood and who could have done such an unspeakable act? Someone who hates angels, hates me or perhaps just a very unhappy and troubled person?

I don’t like the word hate, I rarely use the word. Of course the police being called, what can they do? They offer their sympathy and regrets, also knowing I am a person of peace. They will keep their eye on the small neighborhood, maybe ask some questions. It is a surprise to everyone that knows me…Why, Who and How did this happen? There has been a stir of problems between neighbors about Halloween decorations, but I wasn’t involved in any of this. I just honestly try to be at peace with all of those around me, some minor vandalism has gone on with pumpkins and decorations being trashed at some other houses. But why my angel? I used to feel at ease living here, it is a very small town, nothing that bad or evil ever happens. Oh my goodness, doesn’t that sound so cliche?

Nothing bad ever happens here, well looks like times are a changing. It just has left me needing to find some realm of peace back within myself. An alarm system perhaps, I have one on my car but only because it came that way. I feel as if I have lost something so precious, not the angel as such…Although I do think someone was quite troubled to do such a thing

. I would love to hear what others have to say about this, will anyone comment to this post? I would only like to hear some opinions and thoughts, what does anyone by chance reading this think? I know one thing, I will now be more watchful, does that mean I should stop trusting also?

I really do forgive whoever did such an unspeakable act…It helps, forgiveness sets me free. But how do I stop the hurt and these new questions lurking in the back of my mind? All I know is, I feel violated now and just not quite as settled anymore. Yes indeed, people really do make me wonder…

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would sure appreciate them. Thank you so very much to anyone who took the time to read this.


50 thoughts on “People Make Me Wonder…~By Gabrielle Angel

  1. I am sorry that you experienced this. I can totally understand your reaction and imagine I would have reacted in a similar matter.

    In truth, some issues like this when I ws younger have lead me to really not desire to ever put anything out on display.

    It is a shame and I just can’t understand how some people can be wired to be so thoughtless and cruel.

    • Hi Monster For Rent! (Or should I say Greg). Thank you so very much for reading and also leaving this comment. I appreciate your kindness and also your thoughts. I sadly think you are right, it’s maybe wiser to put nothing outside on display. You have an awesome website by the way, I encourage everyone to check it out. Halloween is sure your favorite holiday!

  2. I think the whole thing is very odd and who knows what people are thinking? It makes me sad and angry that nothing matters to some! I certainly think this was done by someone with a major problem 😦 TF ❤

  3. I know twinnie, who knows what people are thinking? Why do they do some of the evil and thoughtless things they do in this world? Karma, isn’t kind so…We’ll see! TF <3=Twins Forever

  4. Well whoever did it must have thought it was cool thing to do, maybe to prove to themselves self how bad and rough they are….well I think it just goes to show how foolish and insensitive it was on their part, all they’ve proved was their lack of respect or should I say common decency to things that aren’t theirs.

    • Nishan you are so thoughtful and kind as always for leaving me your thoughts on this incident. Very insensitive and foolish person with no respect, I agree. It was such a shock to see my special angel just trashed that way and just made me write this post. I value your opinion and all so very much Nishan and thanks for stopping by. When Autumn heads off to India for a visit I will have to come along with her to meet you, too! 🙂

    • I will be coming along, Yay! 🙂 Autumn agrees, too…Both us twins, look out Nishan! Just kidding, we will behave I promise. 🙂

  5. I feel very saddened by your latest story about someone doing that to your Angel Autumn, makes me think of some teenager full of anger, and wanted to act out
    on the first thing they encounter, makes them feel big to beat ‘someone’ up…Even a pre teen type age…..I have felt I have seen many changes in the world, many
    close to home, very hurtful too. I am noticing myself changing alot lately and am trying to keep my head up above water at the moment….you hang in there sweet friend..never change who you are, continue being an example of Love and Light… your friend always, Virginia

    • Hi Virginia,
      It’s me Gabby, I am Autumn’s twin sister and I wrote this post. Autumn has told me about you, she calls you Angel-Girl. 🙂 From your kind words and wonderful insight I can see how special you are.You certainly are an Angel-Girl. Thank you for leaving this comment, it means so very much to me. Bless you Virginia! ❤

  6. Dear Gabby,
    Its really awful you had to write this post 😦 I can feel your hurt & disappointment. It makes me sad that ur beloved angel was broken. I can understand ur heartbreak, confusion & distrust. Who would?! Who could?! Questions of why!?
    Gabby it sounds like u live in a nice neighborhood & u’v lived there a while. And im sure u have no enemies there honey, don’t question yourself. Sounds to me like it’s the work of a maladjusted kid 😦 I say between ages 10-13.. no adult would do smthng like this.. older kids have other trouble they get into. Probably was not meant to hurt u sweet girl, just malicious 😦 things are so much different today, I agree. And kids have a certain detachment nowadays, care less about other ppl’s feelings & property, and usually no consequences paid for their bad behavior. I know u feel violated. And u did nothing wrong, I’m sending u hugs, love & best wishes!

    • Dear Lori,
      You are so completely understanding my feelings. Bless you for writing this for me, it helped so much. I have a sad feeling you called it right about it being a maladjusted kid. Seeing my broken angel my first thought was it was directed at me, but you made such good points. I know things are so different now in this world, it’s just so different then when we were kids. The angel was special, my late husband Dave had gotten it for me about 12 years ago. Maybe that makes the hurt worse. I have so many angels around my house,and they will all be staying safe and sound inside. I am sending you hugs, love and best wishes back! ❤

  7. Hopefully that was the end of it and nothing of that ilk has happened since. There’s a thing going on out in the world called ‘group’ or ’cause’ stalking, and that’s often the type of event a person first notices triggering the realization it’s going on. Difficult problem for those targeted, but a widespread one these times. Thanks for the vists to my blog. I appreciate you. Old Jules

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this, Old Jules. Nothing like this has happened since, thankfully. The broken angel was quite a lesson for me and I will no longer set things out to display like that. You are so wise and I agree, it has become a widespread problem which is quite sad. I love your blog, so does my twin sister Autumn…Excellent writing and you surely have quite the gift! 🙂 Bless you! Gabby

  8. I just read your writing here about the broken angel. Sounds like the person was “broken” who broke it, too. They say that “Hurt people, hurt people”. So perhaps that hurtful act was coming from a deeply broken and hurt person. And I am sure from what you shared it had nothing to do with you and who you are. I hope you can perhaps come across a statue similar to the broken one and be glad you are not one of those broken persons, too. Back to your writing of “People make you wonder” well, I think all of us have these times where we really question our neighbors or members of our community or the world. But the best thing of all is to not let “some people” keep you away from those others on the planet who don’t make you wonder so much. Don’t “allow” those certain hurtful persons to wreck your view of humanity and then you always win and get to stay the optimistic person you are. Take care. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • I agree, whoever broke my angel statue was broken and also hurt. It is such a blessing to not be one of those people, I will stay optimistic! Writing this only a short time after I had discovered the broken statue, I was so hurt and questioning everything. The other thing that really had me upset was my late husband Dave had gotten the angel statue for me 12 years ago. Hopefully I will find a similiar statue, but putting it outside? I sure do need to think about that one. Thanks for reading this Connie! Take Care and God Bless You, Gabby

  9. Probably some pathetic teenager with nothing better to do, I dont know why a grown adult would purposely destroy an angel ?? Maybe their souls a little lost, or demented, but I doubt it has anything to do directly with you! Take Care!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this. I have never found out who it was who broke the angel. It does sound like a messed up teenager and I do appreciate your thoughts so much. Take care, too!

  10. Drunkeness or anger, probably. I do believe in the divine. I believe there are good & evil powers greater than mankind. I, personally, find my spiritual roots in Christianity. The odd thing is, almost all religions have angels in them. I do believe there are angels. Though maybe not in that form.

    Honestly, someone who is angry, or at a point in their life where usually they are mad at themselves, will often become defensive. Defensive anger quickly elevates/transforms into paranoid destructiveness & even offensive or aggressive behaviors. Perhaps, seeing your sweet angel of God, made the person feel guilty & angry… wishing to destroy the reminder of the evil they’ve become, they may have destroyed it. I’m sorry this happened. Prayers love. ~unwritten truth

    • I totally agree with what you said. Quite nicely said, too I must say. Thanks so much for your kind words, I am sorry it happened, too. There really is a lot of unhappy, angry and defensive people out there in the world. In speaking with my neighbors, we believe now it was a couple of very mixed up and troubled teenagers. I live in such a small town, usually these things don’t happen. It was a shock to me to see my lovely broken angel that day. I remember when I wrote this, I was still in a state of non-belief and I was so hurt. I just forgive whoever did such a thing, praying they find God and their lives will be changed. Thanks again for reading this and giving me your thoughts!

  11. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I had a statue of the Virgin Mary that was accidentally broken and it upset me because the statue was a gift from a dear friend who has since passed away. I invest emotions into material things. That is probably not a good idea, but that is how I am. I am sentimental. The sentimental value of this statue to you alone was enough to cause upset, but the fact that someone intentionally damaged it must really hurt. I don’t know what goes through people’s minds when they do destructive acts like this. My first impression was that it was probably someone who was drunk. When people get drunk, their inhibitions fall away. Maybe one of your neighbors was bothered by the angel, but more than likely, I bet it was a total stranger, that it was someone who does not even live in your neighborhood. Don’t you think your neighbors would be more circumspect? Perhaps it was teenagers, drunk or stoned, who did this regrettable act. Don’t let it eat at you. Replace the damaged statue with another angel, or maybe some flowers? Don’t leave the damaged angel there to remind you of the pain. Pray for whoever did this. I know that sounds weird, but I promise it will make you feel better. Whoever did this is emotionally crippled. I don’t know why, but I just can’t accept that it was a neighbor of yours. Try not to invest any more sorrow on this. Thank God it wasn’t someone you care for who was hurt! I hope my comments help to make you feel better. I am just getting to know you, but I know you are a caring person. Stay that way. It is your greatest resource. Best wishes, Russell

    • Russell, thank you so much for commenting on this post. Your words are very helpful, as well as so kind. This happened in late October, so I didn’t leave the broken angel statue out there. One reason this really did break my heart was that my late husband Dave had given me the angel statue. We had it displayed for years, nobody had ever bothered it. All I kept thinking was…If Dave hadn’t lost the cancer battle it wouldn’t have happened. Not exactly a rational thought, but I think I have memories of Dave also hooked into the angel statue. I am so sorry for the Virgin Mary statue of yours that was broken, even if broken accidentally it is still upsetting. Yours was a gift by a dear friend who has passed away also. You sure called it right about me being a caring person, Russell…I very much am. I will stay that way, it’s impossible to change that. I do forgive and pray for the person or persons who did this, so that didn’t sound at all strange. I believe it was a couple of very troubled teenagers. This information was passed along by some of my neighbors, the teenagers were drunk and probably stoned. They don’t live in my neighborhood, but this is a very small town and these kids have since gotten in worse trouble. I love your thoughts about replacing the statue with flowers or another statue, thank you for some ideas. You also made such another good point Russell, about it wasn’t somebody I love who was hurt…So very true. Your comments helped me a lot, thanks so much for taking the time and caring! Best wishes to you also Russell and Thanks again, Gabby

  12. Sorry to hear what happen you. Do not let the situation allow you in way to become what you are not. It is a turning right now for you, but focus on what you do best. I do hope the person or persons who did this act., conscience will bring to a place where the wrong done will address,,and changes made in attuide toward other people belongings.

    • Thank you for reading the post and also for your kind words. I can’t let the situation change me into what I’m not! I, too hope the person or persons who did this would have a turn of conscience. I have wondered why someone can be so unhappy or mixed up to break and destroy someone’s possessions. It’s sad, but I forgive who did it and pray they will change for the better.

  13. I can identify with you Gabby. I know the feeling of losing something of sentimental value. It is never about the monetary worth and sometimes people fail to realize that. People have grown so egocentric and unconscionable nowadays. Take it easy and know that the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good.

  14. Oh my dear Gabby, people can do abominable things with no reason at all… Some people… Just because they are bored or do not feel loved or are angry…
    But you don’t need to get too shocked about this event. Try to think of a positive aspect, like for exemple that you are ok and nobody hit you…
    Try to see the glass half full. Try to find another angel to replace the broken one and all will be fine again. See it as a new beginning…
    It must have been a stupid joke. Sometimes it happens to me also to feel hurt by stupid jokes others do… Some people just don’t have a sense of not hurting others…
    I wish you to be well and happy 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading this post and also your kind and helpful words. I am usually a very positive person, but this act of the angel being broken really did shock me. You are so right, I wasn’t hit or hurt by anyone and I’m OK. I have heard about who most likely did this and they are indeed not very happy with themselves and their lives. It is a new beginning, I really have already put out another angel statue and I think it will stay safe. I live in such a small little town and things like this happen so rarely because most everyone gets along so well. I know, you are right about some people have no sense of not hurting others. Thank you so much for your wishes for me to be well and happy, I will be! 🙂 You were so thoughtful to comment here and it means a lot to me, you stay happy and well, too! 🙂

  15. I’m sorry this has happened to you. Sad that people dont honor and respect other peoples property. I believe in continuing to sow seeds of goodness and kindness. Please don’t let this make you change. Theses people have put negative seeds in the ground. We reap what we sow. Keep being the amazing, considerate person you are.

    • Thank you so much Indi, I appreciate your kind words. It is sad about things that people do and not respecting others. Since this happened I have come to terms with that it was a troubled person. The reap what you sow is real and so many times people don’t believe it. Don’t worry, I will never change how and who I am. In forgiving who did this sets me free and I do pray for them, too! Thanks again Indi for caring, it means so much to me.

    • Thank you so much for reading this post Indira. Also for leaving me your thoughts on this vandalism. I think you may be right because only some very, very troubled person could have done such an act.

  16. Since there were no other acts of vandalism in your small neighborhood! I think it was some kids doing mischief, A lot of young poeple these days have no sense of morality…its all about them at the moment when they are bored and want to get their kicks off. I would get a alarm on your house. As we say its always better to be safe than sorry! Also having a set of motion sensor lights often can deter any problems by shedding light on the culprit. Do i think anything will happen again…no, but better safe then sorry! It really sounds like some teen! Gabby they can never take the angel from your heart and mind, and don’t change we love you the way you are! Thanks for suscribing to me site. We all stand by you!

    • Thank you Wendell for reading this post and I so appreciate your feedback! I think it was kids from what I’ve heard, but such troubled ones. You know, I have prayed for whoever did such a thing and it does make me sad for the younger people these days. Also, forgiving the whole act has been good for my soul and all. This is such a small town and also neighborhood, it was easy to feel safe and like nothing bad would ever happen. Being alone almost 9 years now, I lost my husband to cancer way too young…Well, it’s been more difficult. But you are so right on with the house alarm, I do have motion lights but need a house alarm, too. Thank you for encouraging me Wendell, the angel statue was from my late husband Dave and had been standing in the same place for years. I am agreeing with you, nothing else has happened since and I promise it hasn’t affected me in negative ways. I will still be the same Gabby with that angel heart and mind…What a kind thing to say! I was happy to subscribe to your site Wendell and thought I was when Autumn subscribed, I sure don’t want to miss your wonderful and uplifting words and writings! 🙂

    • I know they do, and thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment about this post. You made good points about this incident and I appreciate your thoughts! 🙂 I have to stop thinking just because I live in a small town doesn’t mean bad things aren’t going to happen!

  17. hi Gabby.. our society is just like the ecosystem, wid its variety components… der r quite a lot of ppl who do their bit in making d world a better place to live in, & gong out of their way to lend a supporting hand for those in need.. but der r perverts who experience ecstasy in tearing bus seats, in scratching on stylish cars in d parking lot, crushing flowers in roadside plants, & damaging anythng beautiful arnd…. i know gabby, it has inflicted so much pain… but just as they say snakes can’t b totally destroyed ‘coz rats wl spoil our crops, these cracks r also an inevtable part of our fabric… & rt frm childhood v hv learnt to accommodate variety specimens.. so dont ponder for reasons or rather mistakes frm ur part…

    & y don’t beautifully carve a message or quote & elegantly display it in d same location, so dat if its a sober person who has done it, be given a chance to realise/repent???

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