Shoes in my Closet…~By Gabrielle Angel

What is staying and what is going? It’s my annual “get real” in shoes I will wear, shoes I will never wear again. Even my closet was looking unhappy. It’s sad, it’s a tough job…But it needs to be done.

What really got to me was, the 5 inch stiletto heels…They are going. Lovely, and ever so sexy…But I will never wear them again. In trying these rocking shoes on, then trying to walk…Not happening. They were killing me, seriously and I secretly applauded myself. It was a hard and brave decision, but like I said I was getting real. Somewhere, someone will love these shoes and be able to wear them…As well as be able to walk in them!

I braced myself as I moved on throughout my closet and prayed to be honest with myself. Oh no, the pointy toe black heeled, lace up boot. They would have to go, too…These boots were from the last decade. What was I still doing with these boots? Well, pointy toes are just so not real comfortable and slightly dated perhaps? On I must go, the cute little espadrille sandals…Still stylish but that ever so very high wedge, so not going to wear these again. Are you noticing a theme here yet? Anything too high, uncomfortable and all that I just know I won’t be wearing again. Oh, the next shoes…I loved them, but they had to find a new home, too.

Another pair of very high and strappy sandals…I hadn’t worn them for years. But, really a pair of awesome shoes and the color was called bronze. I had gotten them to go with a certain dress but so highly impractical and again honestly…Very uncomfortable. This was getting sadder as I went along, a few more pairs went in the discard stack. All too high, just not able to hold on to them…Not when they looked cute, sure but to walk in?

No, it just wasn’t working and again consoling myself that someone would love these shoes and also wear them. The shoes were being passed along to a local Goodwill shop. I really had about a dozen shoes that were on there way and I wasn’t happy…So many shoes leaving me.

The next pair, the ivory colored shoes I wore for my wedding. I put them on, walked around a bit and they were so beautiful and my wedding shoes. They had to go back in the box and I was keeping them! Very sentimental value and I would save them for my memories if nothing else. I could almost see Dave smiling…He loved me in those shoes. It was such a special day, our wedding. I had to smile when I thought of Dave being so strict about not seeing my dress or even see those shoes. He was a bit more by the book and staying with tradition about the “wedding rules”. Sorry, I just wandered back in time. Such a good and happy memory though, I just pray a happy day and memory like that for everyone.

As I plowed through more boxes of shoes and boots I did find a total of 18 pairs of shoes going on their way. I did “get real” and that still left me with more shoes and boots I care to share.

We’ll just say, I simply do love shoes and boots…So does Autumn. That gives me a good idea, I will help Autumn go through her shoes and boots next! Yeah, right…That twinnie Will Not part with one pair of shoes or boots. She is by far so much worse about this than I am, trust me. We fondly call her the “Shoe and Boot Queen” and she will continue holding that title! 😉

Life is~Written by Autumn Sunshine

Life is


I want to reach out my hand to you

but you are too far away from me

I want to run, but there is no where to go

I am trapped within the walls of my own creation

As are you …

How have we become

as we are today?

Will we ever find our way back to each other

many moments I spend wondering …

as I gaze at my own walls

which I have begun to hate

such a strong word …

It’s almost impossible to believe

there will be a day when some force,

some voice will say

it’s OK now, just go

and be together …