Carving Pumpkins…Guts and All ;) ~BY Gabrielle Angel

I had been looking over my recently purchased pumpkin. Trying to decide whether to carve it or paint on a face. That made this amusing memory pop right into my head. It really did make me laugh out loud! 🙂
 Autumn and I, with our friends and neighbor boys carving pumpkins one year. We were maybe about 9 or 10 years old and of  course doing this with a bit of supervision. We were having a nice fall day, so we were going to be working at our picnic table. Mom and Mrs A. were going to hang out and be helping us, they were always fun. Mom and Mrs A laid down a plastic table cloth that Mom brought out of the house.
We were all getting antsy, but trying to be patient. Autumn, Tim, Alex and me were all just wanting to unleash our inner artists. 😉 We all had special and specific ideas of what our pumpkins would look like. We got busy drawing on the faces we wanted, all laughing and chatting happily. Autumn and mine were more girly and going to have smiley faces. Not Tim and Alex’s, they had decided on scary and freaky ones. Well, they were boys after all.
 Time for the Moms to help carve, the boys were able to mostly carve their own. It was Autumn and I that needed a bit of help, Mom and Mrs. A got busy lending a hand. Everything still going well, no one getting cut or anything bad. Tim started getting a bit silly and teasing Autumn about her girly pumpkin. She had to set him straight with making sure girly was better than scary. After all Autumn told him, we didn’t want to scare our little sisters and so there! He had to agree and they gave each other a smile.
Alex and I as always chatting nicely, no arguing between us. After all, he was 18 months older than all of us. The pumpkin faces were nicely carved and the “guts” as Tim called them had been set aside. Our Moms like to take the seeds and later roast them, they were good too! 🙂 Tim just couldn’t resist, it was bound to happen…Tim drizzled some “guts” on Autumn’s arm. Look out, she was mad and before we knew it…Tossed a handful of “guts” in Tim’s face! Oh no, could they just never behave themselves! It’s just always how it was, those two put together were sometimes bound to pull something.
Nobody had gotten real messy yet and the Moms got them wiped off and settled back down. Tim and Autumn were saying their “I’m sorry’s” and making up with each other. They really were the best of buddies, for real they were. The Moms exchanged a smile and a sigh of relief, only a minor skirmish this time around.
Everyone’s pumpkins were done, Mom called Dad outside to take some pictures. Our parents did love taking pictures! 🙂 Dad made sure everyone was smiling and flash! Of course Autumn and Tim had made the rabbit ears or devil horns, behind each other’s heads. They claimed they were only doing peace signs to each other, what a chuckle that was. We all knew what they really meant! 😉
These are the things that make you laugh when looking at pictures later! It was a fun day, pumpkin carving…Guts and all! 😉 🙂

8 thoughts on “Carving Pumpkins…Guts and All ;) ~BY Gabrielle Angel

  1. I know, I will never forget Tim calling the inside part of pumpkins guts! LOL for real, he was so funny, wasn’t he?! Those were the fun days for sure. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Nice memories, and I like the breezy style, kind-of Joyceian. I came by to read this because you read mine, and ‘liked’ it, I’ve been writing that blog for over ten years, and I think it’s great to see new readers, and new writers for me to read. I clicked to ‘follow’ your blog, and will get notified when you post, so I’ll be back. Thanks for sharing these memories, they’re wonderful snapshots of great times….:-)

    • The twin memories and family memories are so easy to share, and I do enjoy doing just that. It always touches my heart when somebody else appreciates it. Your writing just was so outstanding, the quotes just beautiful, too. Ten years of writing that blog and you are gifted, you have touched many people. 🙂 My twin sister Autumn and I are fairly new to blogging, although we have both been writing since about 13 years old. Your support means so much to me, thank you for the kind words! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if it was lovely, but it was one of the twin memories! 🙂 Well, I guess Autumn and I always did march to the beat of our own drummer…It was a fun and happy childhood. Your writing on the other hand is wonderful, it really captured my attention. I found myself enjoying all that you have written, there’s a book in you and I do mean that sincerely! 🙂

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