Why … ~by Autumn Sunshine

Why …

Why did it all fall apart?

The museum of our past
is a shambles of pain
and lost
of confusion …

you are sorry
for being who you are
or so you said

toward the end
I didn’t even know you

or did I ever really

as I have said so many
your silence speaks loud
and clear …


14 thoughts on “Why … ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Just so well written and again, so filled with emotion. I have a feeling what “Stupid Boy” this was written about. 😉 TF ❤

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to read my poem 🙂 It’s fun to look alike, though was way more fun when we were little kids 😉 are you and you twin identical ? I do know what you mean about the questions. Stay blessed and so nice to “chat” 🙂 🙂

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