Edge of Nowhere ~written by Autumn Sunshine

Edge of Nowhere

I am standing

on the edge

of nowhere,

nothingness …

I am only a free fall

away from peace

I hesitate

and think

of falling


I laugh

and just

turn around

and walk away

too easy …

I am staying

to fight~~

I may find

my own peace

my own way …


4 thoughts on “Edge of Nowhere ~written by Autumn Sunshine

  1. It’s another well written poem twinnie. Staying and finding your own peace is very wise I say! 🙂 TF=Twins Forever

  2. If I see u there, on the edge of nowhere.. I’ll poke u & make u laugh!! LOL Look over there, see me? Im the one with the picnic basket 🙂 I have lunch & love for you 🙂

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