The Stars…Written by Autumn Sunshine

The stars

stars in the sky
you watch me cry
and sigh
and die
as I try
to smile
for a little while
a brand new file?
I need
a new one
the fun
never ends
it just sends
and bends
and never mends
damage done
another sun
will shine
in time
the feeling stops, you know?


Her Christmas Shopping is Done!~Written by Gabrielle Angel

I had run in for a few items I needed into my little neighborhood store a bit earlier today. It really is the coolest store, family owned and they carry mostly grocery items. Not everything I use of course, but it saves the three mile trip to the other two larger grocery stores. Quite handy when I only need a few minor things.

They also have a nice selection of special little space for seasonal things for sale, too. These are made by the owner’s wife. Well, I just love going into “The Hometown Market” it’s just homey and friendly. 🙂 After greeting the owner and having a short chat, I started walking around ready to pick up my few items. Reaching for my last item, those much needed bread crumbs, I glanced to my left and saw a nice lady I knew. We had a good and fun chat, then she said something about what a relief it was she was to be ready for the holidays.

Thinking she meant Halloween,  which was first holiday in my mind I smiled. I  laughed saying I can’t buy candy that far ahead. The Trick or Treaters may not get any, I may be tempted to eat it,( I was kidding of course). 😉 Imagine my surprise when she said, no she had meant her Christmas shopping! I know it’s less than three months away now, but Wow!

Working in retail for many years I know I usually had Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. For the day after Thanksgiving is the retailers nightmare, Black Friday. After then, I would just get too busy and stressed to think about doing any shopping at all. We chatted a little more and I headed to the checkout spot. Oh my goodness, in the back of my mind I kept thinking how cool it would be to have Christmas shopping done. I think I was obsessing a bit, I tend to do that some times. Come on, doesn’t everyone? 😉

It seems summer was just over and fall has just started, how in the world can Christmas be less than three months away? Time really does seem to fly, doesn’t it? Then I got to thinking about the snow and freezing weather we have here in PA, now it didn’t seem so far away! 😦

I mentioned this to Autumn in a phone conversation and she laughed at me. Not in a mean way, but she pointed out how I still had plenty of time for the Christmas shopping. Then she went on to remind me how we would still be having Indian Summer and it wasn’t going to snow anytime soon. OK, by the end of our chat I was calmed down.

It’s so comforting to have a twinnie, she will be my voice of reason when I start to freak out. I told her so and she laughed saying, that’s good since I was hers, too. Yay! TF <3=Twins Forever really is a blessing! 🙂 🙂