Broken Hearts~BY Autumn Sunshine

Broken hearts

We know that broken hearts

are only the start

not very smart

and it’s endings

that are sending

the signals of the hurt….

so the pain

and tears like rain

all just in vain

I surrender, I give up…

I want to stay stay sane

driving in the right lane

remember my name

for real

I feel

I am history…..


4 thoughts on “Broken Hearts~BY Autumn Sunshine

  1. This poem says a lot twinnie, it really is very good. A fine job of penning yet another one that needs to be read by others. TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Give up the pain & the things u can’t change.. stay in ur lane & stay sane.. but never give up šŸ™‚ never surrender šŸ™‚ say your name.. Autumn Sunshine!!

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