John Lennon’s Birthday… ~written By Gabby Angel

It’s today, October 9th and he would have been 71 years old. John Lennon such a man of peace, he is still with many of us in our hearts and thoughts. We have all of his beautifully awesome music, that will always live on. I just couldn’t let this day, his birthday go by without recognizing this date. This is just a short post, Autumn and I just wanted to acknowledge this day. To say Happy Birthday John and we miss you!

So very hard to believe he’s been gone for almost 31 years. I know Yoko needs to be given a mention, she is amazing in her ways of carrying on John and her legacy for peace. They shared the dream together, as well as a very special and unique love. Whenever I think of someone I would have loved to sit and have a chat with…It’s John. I’m sure many people who would have loved this also. So for all of you thinking of John Lennon today, his birthday…Autumn and I send you love, hugs and smiles, and last but not least Peace!


7 thoughts on “John Lennon’s Birthday… ~written By Gabby Angel

    • That’s a wonderful comment and message twinnie. 🙂 I was just listening to a John CD and had to play Imagine a few times, I love that song. Give Peace a Chance!! TF <3=Twins Forever

  1. “love is all we need” 🙂 thank you for this post Gabby! Remembering John Lennon, one of the most remarkable people of our time.. I believe his music & words will live on forever. Imagine all the people.. 🙂


  3. Hi Lori and thanks so much for reading. 🙂 John’s music and words will go on forever! He was an amazing man and I know…Imagine! 🙂

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