The Twins, Neighbor Boys and A Haunted House~by Gabrielle Angel

Yes, another one of the us twinnies and those neighbor boys of ours. 🙂 We were all friends from a very young age of 3-4 years old. I know they were boys, but I have to say Tim and Alex were a lot of fun. Many happy twinnie memories of them and us.

This one Autumn and I were maybe 8 or 9 years old. The haunted house? Well, we were all convinced at the time it surely was! 😉 This is another memory that had me laughing like crazy when I reflected back to this particular day. Hope it makes you all laugh, too and trust me scary if only in our young minds! 🙂

A crisp Saturday in late September Tim and Alex came to fetch Autumn and I for a walk and to gather fall leaves. The boys knew we loved the pretty leaves and also a school project was due concerning leaves. So with parents permissions we were off, Alex and I leading. Naturally Autumn and Tim were lagging a bit behind, heaven only knows that crazy pair was cooking up. We never knew, Alex and I but we did learn to keep a careful eye on those two.

While Alex and I were gathering a leaf here and there, what were Autumn and Tim doing? Tossing leaves about, at each other and just being generally silly. At one point as we were strolling along we saw a leaf pile. Some poor innocent neighbor had raked the leaves ever so carefully into a tidy pile. When what happened next? Autumn and Tim were daring each other to jump in, after all weren’t piles of leaves meant to jump in? 😉

Is it any wonder Autumn turned into more the “wild child”, Tim was teaching her the ropes! Where, on the other hand my buddy Alex who was 1&1/2 years older was the calm, mellow and laid back one. It’s only my theory, those two spents lots of time together and what ideas they had between them! 🙂

Thankfully the neighbor didn’t come outside to witness their stunt & Alex kicked Autumn and Tim from the now messy leaves. He was a thoughtful boy that Alex, he saw a rake leaning against the tree and quickly tidied them up. My l own little hero he was. 😉

Once again back to our walking we happened upon the sad looking desserted house a few blocks away. It was rumored to be haunted by all the local neighbor kids, I do stress rumored! 😉 Alex and I being the sensible pair said “No we aren’t going to snoop around”. Like that stopped Autumn and Tim. Bold as could be those two went snooping about at each window, again daring each other to see if a door was open! Thankfully no, but clear from the back of the house we heard Autumn and Tim,” the snoops” screams.

Oh no! What now, Alex and I asked each other? Off to the back door we raced and there we saw a scared looking pair. “Look in this window!” Tim and Autumn insisted, holding on to each others hands slowly backing off the back porch. What do you suppose Alex and I saw upon looking in the window? Furniture and things with sheets covering them, a tall lamp did resemble a very skinny ghost-type person. With the stretch of an imagination, that is! That’s what had scared those two silly, Alex and I did have a laugh. 🙂 We walked back to the sidewalk to where they both stood waiting for us. Alex calmly explained what it really was, with much more patience than I had at the moment. They pretended to laugh and insist that they this  all along! 😉

We all walked back home gathering leaves, while Alex and I still shared a few smiles over Autumn and Tim’s “Ghost“! So you see, the house wasn’t haunted after all, another twin adventure comes to a close. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Twins, Neighbor Boys and A Haunted House~by Gabrielle Angel

    • Yay, to those good and fun times twinnie! 🙂 Tim and Alex were both such good buddies, we were so very blessed to have them. What a great time of it growing up with those boys. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

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