Joy … ~By Autumn Sunshine

Joy …

the total joy of life

and smiles

and all my wiles

are not wasted

this time around

I’ve found

the joy of me


I am going to be

who I want to see

win this time …

it way past overdue

and I knew

I really did …

that you were right

I can do this

I can …


Long gone now~by Autumn Sunshine

Long gone now

I have to show

that I know

what I am doing….

I am a bit dazed

not the least bit amazed

I have gone away

where I will stay

way longer than today

I have learned

this time….

tables turned

and I got burned

the last laugh…

is on you

sad but true

I hope you do

discover the way back

I just really lack

the patience…..

to help you out

without a doubt

I am long gone…..

The Sweetest Day~BY Gabby Angel

What is it? Has anyone ever heard about this day? The Sweetest Day is a holiday of sorts, really it is. Of course this holiday will be already familiar to some of you reading this. I personally just simply love this…Another day to celebrate our loved ones! 🙂

This day is well known to all of you living in Ohio, because it all started in Cleveland. Now being celebrated in the Great Lakes region and other parts of Northeast US. Maybe in other parts of the US by now, too. Because everyone has got to love the idea of this sort of holiday. At least I surely do hope so! Who is it for? Everyone, that’s who!

That is the nicest part of all. It could be husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, girlfriend and boyfriends, realtives, friends of any and all kind. Also it could be used to acknowledge those who have been a wonderful help, those who kindness has been much appreciated.

There are so many people who lovingly are always such a help to others, remember them on The Sweetest Day. 🙂 What do you give someone on The Sweetest Day? Why, sweets of course…Chocolates and candies and maybe flowers, too. How about a nice Fruit Basket,  those are always warmly welcomed. How about cookies or cupcakes?

They have cards for this day, too by the way. Write that special someone a poem! The gift ideas are endless and it doesn’t have to be big, showy or cost a lot of money either. Keeping it simple is best sometimes. I really must embrace this idea of The Sweetest Day, I do love to honor those who are special to me!

It will be celebrated this year on October the 15th, it varies each year so you need to check. The Sweetest Day is always on the third Saturday in October. I hear tell it’s becoming more popular and gaining ground and that more people are choosing to clebrate this day. Wow, kind of a mini-Valentine’s Day of sorts.

It really will cheer up anyone’s fall/autumn day, just think of it. Sometimes the let down of summer ending, and the fall/autumn days are depressing to some people. OK, well maybe lots of people when you think about it.

Anyway, it’s a lovely thought and a lovely holiday. Who will be celebrating? Care to share your plans, thoughts and opinions anyone? Oh, and before I do forget… Have a Happy Sweetest Day everyone! 🙂

It’s You~written by Autumn Sunshine

It’s You

I can say honestly

that I have never felt this way before


I never loved anyone this completely

so totally…

I feel like we are one person at times

so in tune …

It scares me, even the thought

of having to ever live without you

I can’t do it …

I love you —

Nightmares come true

it seems

and this means

I live

and give

forever to your memory …

Craig~death doesn’t win~meet you on the other side

My Friend~ By Autumn Sunshine

My friend

you send

you mend

and never bend

the truth…

I guess we know

it really does show

the bond we share

the never ending care

it’s always fair

to say, OK

someday and in some way

we met across the miles

and I guess we’re blessed

Friends like you

are always true

So I send you greetings from afar…

You make me smile

and I say hello, let’s talk awhile

and you are the first man friend  I trust

it’s just

a friend thing

on a wing

and a prayer…