My Friend~ By Autumn Sunshine

My friend

you send

you mend

and never bend

the truth…

I guess we know

it really does show

the bond we share

the never ending care

it’s always fair

to say, OK

someday and in some way

we met across the miles

and I guess we’re blessed

Friends like you

are always true

So I send you greetings from afar…

You make me smile

and I say hello, let’s talk awhile

and you are the first man friend  I trust

it’s just

a friend thing

on a wing

and a prayer…

2 thoughts on “My Friend~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. This poem is just beautiful! 🙂 A guy friend to trust and share thoughts and things with…Well, that is just so touching and so very real and good feelings to have. Nice writing twinnie! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

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