Crushed~by Autumn Sunshine


I never want to see a trace

of you, go run your race

find another place

you are very unkind

it’s not all in my mind

everyone sees you

for what you are

it’s so clear

you are not the one….

no way

just stay


and I will be forever glad

you are slightly mad

possessed by greed

take heed

in my words……

I see the writing on the wall

you can hear my footsteps down the hall

wait on my call

you will be waiting a long time….

I burned it all

every last connection

you can just take the fall….


2 thoughts on “Crushed~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Such emotion from you, but I do know why twinnie. It’s a good poem, written for a very good reason. TF <3=Twins Forever

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