Quotes ~By Autumn Sunshine

On finding new love …

“Ages and stages….and finally there is You …”

“As I braided a red ribbon through my hair … I smiled and thought of you”

“He is everything you are not … He has found my soul”

“Hello … you are the dream I never stopped believing in”

“I am and you are – US – having a new beginning …”

“I never gave up, so I am learning … patience pays off”

“I want to love you perfectly, I will … I’m magic”

“Listen to the music … dance with me and let’s just ‘feel'”

“Take me with you … don’t go without me”

“What were the odds, I wonder? We got lucky …”

“Where were you when I was sixteen? Hmmmm …oh right, waiting for me to grow up”

“Which way does the wind blow … this time it was kind to both of us …”

“You are the answer to my question…feels like I knew you for always…”

“You call me Sunshine … and touch my heart with your caring …”

“You have my heart; I trust you with my life, after all …”

“You were out there and I was here … now we are Us …”


7 thoughts on “Quotes ~By Autumn Sunshine

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  2. I was just going through all my bookmarks just to see which ones were old enough to be removed and I came across this one! I had long bookmarked this page and I just remembered these quotes were exactly what I needed at this time! 😀 If it’s okay with you I’d love to borrow a few of them 😉 ha! ha! I take it that you know the reason 😉 😀

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