Today~written By Autumn Sunshine


Today I remember


the smiles

and the laughter

and happiness


our future

and now

you are gone,

only a whisper


but on the other

side …

and I am here

and missing you

it’s the waiting

to understand

and the time to heal

that is the worst …

I have made it


the hell …

Craig~ only a whisper away … Forever, Babe! Death did not win ❤


4 thoughts on “Today~written By Autumn Sunshine

  1. Craig and you, I love this picture of you two. 🙂 Happy times, good memories and he is so very missed. He was one of the good guys for sure. They all are, Craig, Dave and Dad and everyone…Just a whisper away. TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Your poem is beautiful….he is only a whisper away but his soul still lives on within you.

    I recently lost my best friend, sudden and way too soon….I am creating a “Forever Living Memorial” on my site…if you would like to add Craig to it I’d be glad to share his story with all my friends….check it out and let me know….

    One day we will all be together again…May he rest in peace

  3. Thanks for reading 🙂 I find it helps to write, and I have checked your site, what a lovely and beautiful idea this is! It’s the best and Jenna is no doubt watching with a smile. One day we all will be together again ❤

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