Sometimes ~by Autumn Sunshine

Sometimes life does not make sense

The spinning wheels of time

the rhyme

or reason,  and no season

I am lost

at such a cost

we live each day

and often take away

no smiles

it seems we need that happy



that’s just the message I’m sending

So take  a look around you

You’ll see more than you ever knew

you will begin to understand

that you get what you give

in life

make it count…..

6 thoughts on “Sometimes ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. You get what you give in this life, Karma! Good poem, such thought provoking words and my goodness twinnie. You are just rocking those words! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

    • The pic is just the most awesome, I love that clock twinnie! I would love to have one. 😉 If you are writing when half awake, they are flowing just magically. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. first off, i love the picture. it’s AWESOME! Secondly, “The spinning wheels of time, the rhyme or reason, and no season…” very well put. Autumn, you always have such a light-hearted & truly inspiring perspective. I liked the part where you talked about us needing a happy, snappy ending. Because, it’s true, nobody wants their happy ending someday, everyone wants their happy ending now, tomorrow, as soon as possible. Patience is so difficult sometimes. And so is constantly giving when you feel there isn’t much coming back. But, life isn’t about just one of us, it’s about all of us & the way it weaves together. & sometimes, weaving takes time. very very nice poem. one of my favorites!

    • What a lovely comment 🙂 it’s so nice when someone understands and you did ! It’s all sadly true, we all want that happy ending right now 🙂 at least we know that we mostly don’t have the patience. Thanks so much for making my day brighter with such a nice comment 🙂

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