Quotes~ about Love~by Autumn Sunshine

On Love

“After all it is written in the stars”

“All I know is that you love me … in my dreams”

“Brand new together, … me and you”

“Don’t walk away … I can make you change your mind about miracles”

“Do you feel the magic that is us”

“Every word that you say, another piece of my heart you take”

“Follow me into the night, we can wander till we can run to catch the sun”

“I am so lucky,so blessed to love a man like you this time around …”

“I feel blindsided by this feeling … the happiness that is you”

“I have found the answer in your eyes … you lead me out of the darkness”

“I looked at the stars tonight, and thought of you … wishes do come true sometimes”

“I never met a man like you and probably I never will again”

“I never said that to a man, I will go anywhere with you; but I will…”

“In my dreams we are dancing slowly, the music flows around us …”

“My love for you never ends … it’s forever”

“Peace and tranquil thoughts … loving you feels so right”

“Take my hand,it’s OK … we can climb this mountain …”

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything”

“Thoughts of you wander through my mind so often … I wonder do you do the same?”

“Through the darkness you found me … and I will love you for that forever, for real”

“You are free in your dreams, as I am in mine … follow me in never never land”

“You are the man I love … it is you, it always was you”

“You hold my heart … please treat it very carefully”

“Your smile touches my heart, my soul … I believe in magic again”


Echoes ~ written by Autumn Sunshine

I hear your voice and words echo through my mind
I am searching for answers that
I may never find
a life filled with sunshine and smiles
lasted for such a very short while

So here I am alone again
trying to rebuild the dream and begin
answers are within my reach
students everywhere, but no one to teach

Echoes haunt my nights, yeah they do –
brightness everywhere, yet no  light
twisting roads ahead reach out
showing the way without a doubt

Still echoes haunt my nights
yeah, they do …
ending are never final, I’ve learned
Paths are chosen with many ways to turn

Dancing on the edge of nowhere
can be fun
but reality returns with the sun
tides are shifting slowly now
turning the key and opening a door is how

Echoes seem to fade and a new day is here … …

The Twins Get A New Little Sister~BY Gabrielle Angel

Autumn & I were a little bit over 4 yrs old, our parents had been preparing us for months of the arrival of a new little sibling. Back then, no ultrasounds were done so we weren’t sure if it was going to be a girl or boy sibling & of course we were routing for a boy baby! This particular memory came rolling back when I was again looking at old pictures.

Picture this, there we were for over 4 yrs the twin princesses having both sets of granparents to ourselves, not to mention countless aunts & uncles! OK, I admit it Autumn & I were perhaps a “tiny bit “spoiled by all this attention. 😉

We were blessed with very kind & thoughtful parents, they just wanted a big old family & were going to try their best to make it a positive & joyous event. Mom was in the hospital with a C section & Dad had 5 days to get us geared up to happily 😉 be welcoming home a sibling. First disappoint…Dad tells us it’s a new little sister, we were secretly wanting a brother as to not steal our thunder so to speak.

I must interrupt myself…When you are 4 yrs old, you can’t comprehend pregnancy, C sections & all the rest of it. You all knew this of course I’m sure, also the quetion…How does she remember this at such a young age? My blessing, I remember vividly & clearly things back to 18 mths of age. Anyway, back to the story. Little sister was born in early March, we live in PA & luckily Dad pulled this next adventure off, it was late winter time & no snow was on the ground, tempertaures weren’t too cold. Clearly some divine intervention I believe. 🙂

Dad packed a nice little lunch in his lunchbox he carried to work everyday, this lunchbox was special to us because more times than not he would be bringing us home little surprises…Did I mention we were somewhat spoiled? 😉 Dad bundled us both up nice & warm…”we are off for our very own adventure girls!” said with big smile & humming a happy tune & off we went!

Headed to one of our most favorite spots Pine Creek, maybe 10 miles away where we had lunch at a picnic table…while sitting & chatting Dad told us of the news…Tomorrow your Mom will be home with our baby sister. Well, he made it sound happy & all important…You will be big sisters now!

Many sniffles, tears & “We dont want her Daddy, send her back!” That is shameful  what we put our Dad through that day…He hung in there, so patiently & gently until finally he had us agreeing it would be much joy, happiness & fun. Dad has a bit of magic about him to pull this off…Maybe it was all the singing, laughing & Autumn & I having our Daddy alone one last time before the baby sister rolled in

So, there you have it…We really were quite pleased the next day to see our Mom & the nice little sister, Dad had pulled off a miracle! Yay for Dad! Can’t say it was all smooth sailing, but thankfully we accepted her because 3 more little sisters would be rolling in after her…My ever so brave parents. 🙂 Autumn & I took delight in “the big sister role” & the bossing around worked! Might I say We all lived happily ever after?! 🙂 😉