Quotes~about Life~by Autumn Sunshine

On Life

“And in the end, all that matters is what ‘I’ think, I matter, I am worthwhile, I am”

“Another time, another place and we could be happily ever after”

“Dancing on the edge of Nowhere can be fun … but reality returns with the sun”

“Dawn is breaking, you were my comforting strength through this endless night”

“I can bend – I can break – I’m not made of steel after all”

“I’m alive … I strive to be free this time around”

“I’m out of the maze … another page I’ve turned”

“In the eyes of a stranger I found the truth … I am better than I’ve ever been”

“Laughter echoes through the halls, and shadows dance along the walls, it’s a brand new day”

“Life is one step at a time; slow and easy for some …for ones like me it’s running against the wind”

“Life, such a puzzle … pieces that don’t quite fit together”

“Nothing lasts forever, not the good/nor the bad … it’s all just part of the journey called life”

“Smiling and sunshine and another lifetime of choices … I have chosen way differently this time”

“To hell and back I have journeyed … I am one of the lucky few, I have returned”

“The laughter is back … amazing, I do believe, I finally do”

“There is always an ending … always and forever … nothing lasts”

“Things worth having are worth waiting for”


Peace ~ By Autumn Sunshine

In the very end

I could not send

nor mend

my words

you heard

what you wanted to hear

I am a mere

princess of peace …

I try to do what I can

and take a stand

for peace and love


it all

I take the fall

and stall

in confusion and pain

chasing shadows again

but I’ll never give up the fight

for freedom and right

I know who I am, do you?

Sad but true

many have not a clue

this is life and it’s real

I say we deal

with it now…

Sending Messages in a Bottle…BY Gabrielle Angel

I haven’t tossed a message in a bottle out to sea for a couple years now. That is a strange statement to make, isn’t it? I may have snagged a few people’s attention with that one.

Actually we don’t have a sea in PA, so I should have said River instead perhaps. One thing I did do was write them…Messages in a bottle. To Dave, it was a rather unusual pasttime of mine there for awhile. It sure did make a few family members and friends frown and kind of worry. One of the many odd things I did after he left this earth. Or is it odd? I suppose we all do what we must at the time.

I had read the Nicholas Sparks book “Message In a Bottle” and also saw the movie in 1999. Of course so did Autumn, we are both Nicholas Sparks fans. There are about 40 quotes in that movie, for real. Of course Autumn knew that fact! My writing the messages to Dave was better than writing in a journal. Although I did that, too.

It had been a joke Dave started actually, “After I’m gone send me messages in a bottle“. We had some very off the wall chats Dave and I, he had a quirky sense of humor and so do I. In so many ways, we made jokes and laughed when other people did the doom and gloom thing. I am in no way making light of losing him to cancer. I love him and miss him every day of my life. Both of us really had very high hopes he would beat the evil cancer quite honestly.

There is a song “Message in a Bottle” by The Police from 1979, too. Do you know there are shops all over the place, lots and lots of them. They are called Message in a Bottle Shops, so the trend has been popular for quite some time. People are using this as a wedding theme, and others are sending them to friends, family and loved ones. They are being given for birthdays, an anniversary, Valentine Day, Get Well and so many other occasions. That was kind of interesting to discover this fact. Who would have guessed?

I remember as kids Dad let Autumn and I toss a message in a bottle into our beloved Pine Creek. Dad and Mom really did let us twinnies do some fun things.

Does anyone reading this have any message in the bottle stories? Care to share them? I would love to know if anyone has ever done this. This whole thought and memory is one I was remembering earlier when thinking of Dave.  Of course I do that so often, think of Dave probably hundreds of times a day. Is that normal or healthy? I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter to me. We all do what we do, and anyway I never did claim to “do normal”. Either does Autumn, thank goodnessbecause the twinnies need this in common. Dave’s in Heaven, no doubt laughing like crazy about me telling this particular story of mine. I stopped writing the messages in a bottle to Dave, like I said about 2 years ago.

Hey, maybe it’s time to write another one?