Peace ~ By Autumn Sunshine

In the very end

I could not send

nor mend

my words

you heard

what you wanted to hear

I am a mere

princess of peace …

I try to do what I can

and take a stand

for peace and love


it all

I take the fall

and stall

in confusion and pain

chasing shadows again

but I’ll never give up the fight

for freedom and right

I know who I am, do you?

Sad but true

many have not a clue

this is life and it’s real

I say we deal

with it now…


12 thoughts on “Peace ~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. I am just simply loving this poem twinnie! 🙂 Or should I say “Princess of Peace”? Keep rocking those words and make the magic happen I say! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading 🙂 Do you go by LScott, for your first name? I am not an airhead, but feel like one tonight 🙂 I love your writing, your poems are inspiring. I try to get the “peace” message in here and there, it can’t hurt can it? I’m a dreamer but Freedom and Peace for all!!

    • You’re welcome and I’ll be back! It’s a great learning experience reading others work! My first name is Lauren, but LScott seemed simple for the blog…Everyone has those “airhead” days; I have plenty myself! Thanks so much for the complement; I’ve loved writing for years, but am still learning and trying new techniques. And yes, peace and freedom forever. World peace would be wonderful! 🙂

  3. Thanks for answering 🙂 Lauren is a pretty name! I do the same with the poetry, try new techniques. I’m been writing for ages, since I was 13. Years ago. I think the “airhead” days for me sometime drift together 😉

    • Thanks for the complement and I know how you feel! Now that my kids are older and we’re busier, all the days drift together! It’s hard to keep track, but I guess that’s life and it’s all good! 🙂

  4. ] Kids are fun, but they hit teenage and I wonder 😉 it’s the hormones!! Having only had a girl child, I have experienced the up and down stuff. I know I never acted that way 😉 LoL , my Mom tells me different!!

    • I have one of each and they’re both totally different. It’s interesting to watch how they grow and mature. In some ways, girls are easier and in others, boys are…and, of course, we never acted that way! 🙂

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