The Twins Are Stirring Up Things at Girl Scouts~ BY Gabby Angel

The Twins Stir Things Up….Oh no, they are at it again! This time it’s with belonging to the Girl Scouts…Read on and get ready for a laugh!!

It’s Gabby once again with yet one more “Twin Memory”. Warning to all who love the Girl Scouts please don’t feel insulted, we were very young! It all started out so innocently, we were asked by a couple friends to join the Girl Scouts and it all sounded fun, after all our Mom had been a Girl Scout herself when she was young.

First meeting…Well, it was going to be  fun we were being told by the Girl Scout Leader. She proceeded to tell us how we would be earning badges, doing good deeds, singing, hiking and day camps, etc. She was a very nice lady and actually a friend our Moms, 20 minutes into our very first meeting Autumn and I started chatting among ourselves, quietly honest!

We will call the Scout leader Mrs E for the sake of those innocent people we will respect their identity in this story. OK, so Mrs E starts by “Oh, you twins will just have to stay quiet and listen please”, which made us both smirk between us and giggle softly, we couldn’t look at each other again or we would start doing some serious laughing. We were fine for another 15-20 minutes, but it was somewhat boring. So, yes again we found ourselves chatting with exchanges of…”Gabs this is just not for us, what does she mean we have to conduct ourselves like ladies, we are still just girls”. I replied “I know after all it’s The “Girl Scouts” and on we went…starting to chuckle between ourselves. Maybe it’s a twin thing? Again poor Mrs. E had to try and regain some order…” Let’s try and stay quiet  twins, this is a meeting”.

So, we calmed ourselves down knowing we had maybe 15 minutes or so left and we would stay quiet, then we could escape! We made it by the skin of our teeth, without looking at each other to crack up laughing, you have to understand twins do tend to just “have” to talk and chat between each other. OK, first meeting over….But we were seriously not liking this whole Girl Scout thing. We tried for several meeting to try, but yes you guessed… Autumn and I kept failing to be quiet and on it went for maybe a month or so. We disrupted one meeting with taking to braiding each other’s hair, offering hair style advice to some other girls. Well, they asked and it would have been rude not to answer, right? We twinnies also had to disagree with some song choices at one meeting. Saying the songs were just not quite our style and did we really have to sing them?

Much to our poor Mom’s embarassment she received a call from the Girl Scout leader, her friend. The conversation went like this, Mrs E was ever so sorry but didn’t think the twins  were quite  Girl Scout material and we were a bit disruptive and stirring up the other girls, etc. I am not kidding folks…Yes indeed, we twinnies got kicked right out of Girl Scouts! Probably the first for poor Mrs E, well rumor has it…OK, I confess we were the Only Girls to be kicked out of the Girl Scouts in our small town. It all turned out for the best for real…Gabby and Autumn would have made the Girl Scouts a free for all of our own brand of fun and excitement.

The Girl Scouts would have been forever changed as we know it! 😉 So again, all’s well that ends well, right? 😉 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Twins Are Stirring Up Things at Girl Scouts~ BY Gabby Angel

  1. Well, the Girl Scouts just weren’t ready for the likes of us twinnies 🙂 LOL 😉 it’s just how it went, we meant no harm of course. It was funny, when looking back we were quite the challenge to poor Mrs. E 🙂 TF ❤ = Twins Forever

  2. We meant no harm, we were young and I sure agree…The Girl Scouts weren’t ready for us! LOL, 😉 We twinnies always did march to the beat of of our own drummer. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

    • Hi Nishan! 🙂 Happy you stopped by and I made you laugh, too. Autumn and I were just too much for the Girl Scouts. Got ourselves in trouble and kicked out…Never a dull moment with us twins around! LOL 🙂 🙂

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