Twinnies Can Find Fun In Our Own Backyard~by Gabby Angel

Yes indeed we could, fun and adventure without even leaving home! 😉 This one again brought to you be Gabby, the girl with the memory of an elephant. 😉 Yes indeed us twinnies could conjure up an adventure right in our own backyard! 🙂 This one was Autumn and I with our two favorite neighbor boys having a little innocent swim. Well, that’s what it started out as anyway. Autumn and I were joined this sunny, summer day by Tim and Alex. Tim being our age and Alex only 1 and 1/2 years older than us, these neighbor boys were our best guy friends back then. This particular adventure we were about 6 or so years old, still needing a bit of supervision!

Mom & Mrs A. (the boys Mom and also Mom’s friend) were keeping an eye on us from our enclosed backporch. Thankfully it had a nice big window because keeping watch on us was important! 😉 Our pool at the time was maybe only 2 feet deep or so & the boys and Autumn and I were splashing about having good times. Tim got splashing Autumn a bit too much and she started crying and yelling at him. It got a bit ugly, but Mom was out the door to straighten them out. Alex and I were looking at them in disgust, Tim and Autumn seemed to revel in getting each other stirred up. She did end up dumping a bucket of water over his head, this done with Mom still standing there. Well, Mom had them both saying their own “I’m sorry’s” & they both did settle down enough for poor Mom to return to the porch!

All was OK for about 15-20 minutes, then it was my turn to howl, bringing both Mom & Mrs A, racing outside. It wasn’t the boys or Autumn, I had stepped out of the pool to go have a drink. After all, I couldn’t drink the pool water! 😉 What happened I had stepped on a bee and was seriously not liking this pain and everyone sure knew it. Mom got me set down on a nearby chair, while Mrs A. had retrieved tweezers and baking soda, boy were they both moving fast! Mom got the stinger out and Mrs A applied baking soda to take some of the pain of the sting away and to reduce swelling.

Autumn was out of the pool beside me, holding my hand and consoling me and also had started her own crying in sympathy. Our poor Mom and Mrs. A, getting us both quieted and calmed while those poor little boys looked on with both their little mouths hanging open. They were used to us, but Oh my, both the twinnies howling loudly at the same time was not a fun sound! Shortly , probably seemed hours to the boys, Mom and Mrs A. but really only made 10 minutes in Real time, the twinnies settled down and the howling, crying sniffling had stopped. Autumn, the boys and I were all sitting at the picnic table having ourselves a popsicle by then, everyone smiling chatting and laughing! 🙂 So ends another adventure, oops I did forget just one little thing.

After the popsicles were  eaten Autumn and Tim had wandered off to admire the new rocks in the flower garden. Tim discovered a baby toad and before we all could stop him tossed it on Autumn! 😦 She was screaming and jumping up and down telling Tim he was an evil boy, well who could blame her…Yuck!! Mom and Mrs A. back to the rescue both deciding time for the boys and Mrs A. to head back home. Well, not before Tim said “I’m sorry” about 5 times & had given Autumn a true friend hug. All was happy and we waved a goodbye to Tim, Alex and Mrs. A.

The bad news was this started poor, dear Autumn’s fear of anything toad and frog like. 😦  That is also another whole blog, maybe? Pease, anyone reading this Do Not tease Autumn about her fear, she may get testy! 😉  See you back here tomorrow and thanks for reading! 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Twinnies Can Find Fun In Our Own Backyard~by Gabby Angel

  1. The toad incident was scary for you twinnie. It was nice you forgave Tim, he was always protective of you after that stunt. You and Tim were always such great buddies! Twin Memories are good, it’s nice to have them…Both the good and the not so good. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for stopping by sweetie. 🙂 Is the thank you for this blog or my email answer little sis? I just sent it off to you a little while ago. Please read it if you haven’t, behave and stay warm. 🙂 Hugs ❤

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