Circles ~ by Autumn Sunshine

A circle, a square

always a spare

often  needing repair

if I dare

and I think I may say

that it’s means today

we find a way

to smile and stay

and keep the lions at bay…

We are just you and me

trying to free

the masses

and classes

of the ones that have been harmed

each one is unarmed

they meow, they bark

this isn’t just a lark

They don’t belong in a cage

On and on I will rage

open your eyes

hear their cries

they didn’t ask to be born…

they live and they breathe

and never wanted to leave

the ones they once trusted…

look at them now

and we have to somehow

stop the circle of hurt…

All the lovely pets once loved

are just needing a new home

furbabies that never roamed

now locked in a cage

and on and on I rage!

**Adopt a Shelter Pet, Please~ I send this poem to the many pets once loved and needing a second chance! My two girl kitties are from my local shelter, my Calico was there 6 months till I “saved” her.


5 thoughts on “Circles ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Autumn… I remember an incident when I was very young…one of our cousins rescued two leopard cubs and kept them caged at his home till they were old enough to be let out in to the wilderness… My brother and I would visit him all the time and the first thing we’d ask was about the cubs and not say ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ to our aunt and other cousins :D. I remember watching him feed him…they were like cute little kittens…only a little more ferocious with sharper teeth and bigger claws and of course the spotted camouflage skin. 😀

  2. This is just so thought provoking twinnie, for me and anybody else who will read this poem. So well written, full of emotion. It breaks my heart to think of the animals in shelters and being unwanted. Of course I would love to save then all, like you! Perhaps this will encourage others to think, maybe some loving animals will be adopted! We can only hope and pray. TF <3=Twins Forever

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