The Little Brown Teapots~ By Gabby Angel

Feeling just a bit under the weather earlier today, I decided to make some of my favorite tea and honey. I automatically reached for my special  little brown teapot and so many, many memories came flooding back.

The little brown teapots that Autumn and I each now own were given to us as young children. Of course we weren’t allowed to play around with them as children, or keep them in our room either. They were breakable after all and not to be used for tea parties with our dolls and silly things kids can do. Between Autumn and I we could no doubt do plenty of not so smart stunts.

Knowing we were too young Mom started using them for only special times and of course when Autumn and I were sick. Usually that was always at the same time, too…Poor Mom and Dad. We suffered through mumps, measles, chicken pox, colds and other assorted sniffles and such. But out came our special little brown teapots, which made us feel comforted and perhaps less whiny. They are really quite adorable little 2 cup teapots and  they were treated gently and with love. To grumpy, cranky  twinnies they just soothed a multitude of woes. Just seeing those teapots brought out meant we were being pampered.

It was so thoughtful of Mom and Dad to think of these little things, Autumn and I were quite blessed. It was a nice little tradition, as the little sisters came along we encouraged they get to have them when they were sick, too. Yes, we really did share well! The miracle to me, when thinking back on all these times the teapots were used and Autumn and I each still have ours to this day. The teapots are unchipped and still quite lovely. They were first used when we were maybe 3 years old, through all the other 4 sisters illness,too.

Perhaps our little brown teapots had a touch of magic?  Mom and Dad gave them to us when we were grown up enough and leaving home. I know I always have used mine when I have was feeling sick or needed a smile. They just mean Mom and Dad, home and so much comfort and lots and lots of love. I know I will continue treating my little brown teapot gently, it has served me well throughout the years. The memories and wonderful feelings I still feel just looking at this little teapot…they are just quite priceless.

I wonder, how many of you reading this and now grown up have a special little memory like Autumn’s and my teapots brought from home? It’s a memory worth cherishing. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Little Brown Teapots~ By Gabby Angel

    • This really is such a wonderful memory, we were quite lucky and so blessed growing up twinnie. 🙂 The little brown teapots are always there, every time we use them and look at them. It brings back thoughts of our loving Dad and Mom, the sisters and loving home we all shared, too. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

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