Stay ~ by Autumn Sunshine


I want you to stay with me

for always

and always

can’t we be


of all the people

who don’t understand


they will

or maybe they won’t …

it’s not their choice

we will know


that there is

love …

and that is

in the end

all that matters …


The Jewelry Boxes…Made with Dad’s Love~BY Gabby Angel

The jewelry boxes of which I am speaking were made by our Dad. Autumn and I were going on four years old when he made us each these handcrated Jewelry boxes. So beautiful and special, made with lots of love.

Dad had a worshop where he made things, puttered around refurbishing and creating. It was a hobby, not what he did for a living. I often wondered why not…He was so good at it. When asked he would explain it was his hobby, relaxing and something for pleasure.

These jewelry boxes were being made as a surprise for our 4th birthday. I have mine sitting on one of my dressers in my bedroom. Autumn has hers placed the same way, in her own home. These jewelry boxes have seen us both through the majority of our lives now. I opened mine earlier checking to see if a bracelet I was searching for was in there. It just struck me how many years I have had owned this beautiful piece of handcrafted love. How it had been taken with me on my moves throughout my life. Oh my,  if this jewelry box could only talk, I thought!

It was such a mainstay possession I felt guilty for a moment. Had I ever taken it for granted? Maybe once in a great while but very rarely. When I look at it I see love, so much love from Dad. Our Dad has been gone for 8 years, losing his cancer battle. We miss him terribly, it makes our jewelry boxes all that more cherished. While creating these jewelry boxes for Autumn and I he had to be so careful. We loved popping into his workshop unannounced and checking up on what he was doing. We were just always amazed at what we would find. Also loving to help ,we often took our little brooms and offered to sweep for him. Usually Mom could catch us in time, but not always.

Dad and Mom had been very careful during the time our jewelry boxes were being made. It was a total and complete surprise…They had pulled it off. For once the nosy inquisitive twinnies we could be, didn’t ruin our own special surprise. I remember we both unwrapped these and looked at our very own jewelry boxes…We just both flew to Dad and hugged him tight! Neither Mom or Dad had told us he made the jewelry boxes, we just knew. I laugh thinking of our young selves and some of our silly little secret treasures we placed there. As we grew and the age changed…what those jewelry boxes held. They are special kind of a two part box with a top tray with special niches and up lift that up, there’s a whole large area of space.

I have never seen anything quite like them and of course never will. These were very unique in design and made by Dad…With Love.