The Magic of the Secret Relish and More~BY Gabby Angel

The relish Dad and Mom made for years is still considered magic. I kid you not, this relish is very special. Mom, Autumn and I along with our youngest sister were talking about it recently.

Autumn and I have both helped her make it since Dad’s been gone, but neither of us has attempted it ourselves. For anyone reading about our Dad for the first time, we sadly lost him to cancer eight years ago. Our one sister and her husband did make a batch of this relish , but quite honestly…Not  quite as good as Mom and Dad‘s. I would not hurt their feelings and say this, but I feel it was my parents own touch together that made it so unique.

Please be forwarned I will not be sharing the receipe, so don’t ask. 😉 Dad must have made sure Mom had enough of the magic to pull it off so it remains the same. So many times they cooked together, which was so sweet. They worked so well together with such joy! Not everyone has their husband helping in the kitchen after all. I was blessed my husband Dave thought it great fun whenever we teamed up in the kitchen.

Dad, he was forever fooling around and inventing some fabulous dish that had everyone talking. Always pulling off the unexpected with many different food combinations. I treasure the recipes he passed along to me, in his own handwriting. Please don’t misunderstand Mom is a fantastic cook herself. She admits  she’s not quite as creative as Dad was.

Back to the relish, it is seriously so good. If you get used to it you are ruined for all store bought relish because it pales in comparison. It takes good on hot dogs, hamburger, sandwiches and so much more. Even the younger of my nieces and nephews adore it, they refer to it as Grandpa’s secret , magic relish. I love these types of family traditions so very much, does your family have these special secret, magic recipes? I hope so, we all need these in our lives. Dad used to say in cooking you put in a lot of love and some good wishes, too.I love that memory and can still hear him saying along with that joyous and contageous laugh of his.He was the Italian one and used to joke around saying he taught Mom the Italian dishes from the beginning. I imagine this as so much fun for them at the beginning of their marriage.

This year again I will be, along with Autumn I hope be helping Mom make a big old batch of this delicious relish. I am praying for a touch of the magic to be tossed our way and maybe one of us will be able to pull off the special, unquie relish for ourselves.

With enough love and wishes it will perhaps turn out like our wonderful Dad’s. I want to keep these traditions going and always, forever more keep Dad’s loving memory alive. 🙂