Twins, A Party and a Polka! By Gabby Angel

This is such a fond memory. In looking through old family pictures, this special day and this memory was so crystal clear in my mind. It was just too good not to share. Great times with our Grandparents, Dad and Mom and the tons of Italian relatives. It was a fun time for the young little almost 7 year old twinnies! The relatives on Dad’s side of the family loved a good,  quite loud and always very happy time. Not that’s Mom side didn’t, because of course they did! I just never saw them get quite as rowdy as the Italian side. It was our Grandparent’s Anniversary and a good time would be had by all, you got no choice! 😉

Our Grandma simply loved to dance and those polkas were her favorite. Many, many weeks went into planning these parties trust me! 🙂 The decorations, the food and drink, the music, the flowers…Just guaranteeing a wonderful time for each and everyone attending. This party was held on a Sunday afternoon, at a huge hall. It had to be to hold all the friends and relatives! Autumn and I had already help choose our party dress and were so looking forward to this. A party and dancing..Maybe some singing? The big day finally arrived and we all got decked out and off to the party! Off we went in the station wagon, arriving in no time flat.

Barely anytime for a complaint out of the twinnies, Mom and Dad were no doubt relieved. We were warned to behave and Autumn and I sure were going to try! 😉 The place was hopping as we walked in…Yay! Music and it made our little feet just itching to dance. We greeted our Grandparents first and Mom and Dad let us take to the dance floor with our cousins. They set down for a chat with friends and relatives, as 2 little sisters were in tow.

Autumn and I having a good old time dancing like crazy, laughing with the cousins! We returned to the table for a quick drink, “We are just parched” said Autumn! Everyone just cracked up laughing, the way she said it was so grown up sounding. Oh my, people admiring Autumn and remarking on us cute little twinnies. You guessed it, we were loving the attention..We proceeded to show off a dance move and oops! Autumn and I had jostled Uncle Louie’s glass and it splashed his shirt and jacket. Luckily he was drinking a clear beverage, not that this was a great thing. He was smiling, but we were in some minor trouble.

Dad made us sit down, gave us a lecture and said time out now, chat quietly. Well, wanting to make Mom and Dad proud we did until…We heard the Polka music! We just had to dance, Dad gave permission and with 2 of our cousins in tow off we went. The older boy cousins David and Joey twirled us both off to the dance floor! Joey and I were doing fine, we had learned to do all learned to do a presentable 😉 Polka after all.

Oh no, Autumn was at it and encouraged  David dance a bit too fast and…Oops they both toppled! Both avoided getting stepped on, but Autumn (*please forgive me for telling this part twinnie) started crying. How embarassing her dress had a puffy skirt (same as mine) and it flew over her head the way she tumbled. David tried to help her and hide the show, for real he did! Everyone had kind of stopped the Polkaing, Joey and I had stopped since I was on my way over to comfort Autumn. What chaos..Mom also racing to the dance floor to fetch Autumn! Mom and I reached her at the same time, by then she was sobbing in embarassment..You guessed it, so did I!

Mom took us both off to the ladies room holding on to each of our hands. What a lecture after she got the tears stopped and Autumn was strangely 😉 enough very subdues. So was I, I shared the embarassment of it all with her,after all TF <3=Twins Forever and all that! We promised to behave for real the rest of the time and shudders, Mom said No more dancing for us.! 😦

Back to our table we went, dinner had been served in our absence. Autumn and I ate slowly and very carefully, we weren’t chancing any spills by mistake. Our Grandpa snuck over to our table and gave us big hugs and kisses and told us little bambinos not to fret. Oh Grandpa…We loved him so! He had us calm, forgetting our sadness. Do you wonder where Dad got his patience?  Mom and Dad looked at him both of them laughing, getting everyone laughing at all the tables, too! Yay…We were once again in good graces by all! 🙂

Grandpa had that theory of “Nothing my bambinos do is wrong”. 🙂 The rest of the party was normal with loads of fun and no twinnie troubles or mishaps. It is one I will never forget for many reasons! 😉 🙂