Twin Rockers BY Gabby Angel

I was dusting and rearranging some things today and focused on my little rocking chair. Again, as so often happens more memories and such loving thoughts came rushing through my mind. A little rocking chair from childhood, so loved and well used! Autumn and I each have one of our own. Loving to have and share memories is so special to me.

It may perhaps touch others reading this and bring back somebody else’s loving memories. We received our little twin rockers when we were between 2-3 years old from our parents. I have a special teddy bear given to me by my husband Dave setting on my little chair. I lost Dave to cancer 8 years ago, so it’s quite a special teddy bear. My little rocking chair just fits so well in my bedroom and makes me smile for both memories. Autumn has hers in her bedroom, too at her own house.

These little rocking chairs gave us so much happiness and many hours of pure joy and fun. We would sit in them as kids, rocking our dolls. Maybe we felt like we were being like Mom in the large rocking chair she used to rock the little sisters as she had done us before them.

It was just sometimes so silly how we attached ourselves to our rocking chairs, pretending all kinds of wild adventures we were rocking off to! These memories are also caught on many home movies and photos. Along with each little sister that came along who received their own little rocking chair, too. Autumn and I being twins and the oldest started out the rocking chair adventures with quite a bang.

Dad, I recall used to get quite the laugh out of us and the pretending. Also, many a time telling us to behave ourselves and tone down the wild rocking. A few times he would take them away for their own time out, as we had our own. One time and I do remember this one clearly. Autumn and I got it in our heads to take our blankets and drape them over the rockers we had turned upside down. We thought it just great fun to create our own secret hideout, Mom and Dad thought otherwise of course. We certainly did keep our parents busy. What one of us didn’t dream up, the other one would. We did proceed to be more careful as time when by, being safe and behaved with those little rocking chairs. After all, parents were usually quite often right!

So many hats were also worn by us twinnies as we rocked. Each hat took us off to another exotic location…We just had a blast rocking ourselves all over the world. I was pondering this thought and wondering if any one else reading this might have their own childhood rockers.

How about it…Anyone care to share? If for no other reason Autumn and I would like reassuring we weren’t the only wild and crazy rocking chair kids! Feel free to leave a comment, please…We twinnies are waiting to hear from you! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Twin Rockers BY Gabby Angel

  1. Hi Gabby, I love your memorable story of the twin rockers…it reminds me of the little white rocking chair that was built by my Grandfather (Mom’s Dad) for her. She and my Dad, who are still living in their early 90’s, used it for my two sisters and I. All the grandchildren had fun rocking in it and since we have the youngest grandchildren, it has remained with us…We’ll pass it on to our children (years from now) when they start families of their own….many great memories, especially, thinking back when our children were young, rockin’ away! Those were the days! I miss them, but now, at 16 & 20, there are new great memories shared…thanks for your post and for bringing me back to the past. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this, Lauren. 🙂 I am happy it brought back good memories for you. Your little rocking chair was built in 1926. You made me laugh, just a few years ago! It does make me feel good when I write something that brings back those good memories. I am glad to hear you still have your parents, what a blessing…We have our Mom but lost our Dad 8 years ago to cancer. Autumn and I both do cherish our little rocking chairs, the 4 sisters who came after us each have their own. We are just a family of rockers. 🙂 I also wanted to tell you, your poetry is just beautiful! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful complement, Gabby and I’m glad you enjoy my writing…sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing. I dread the day; sometimes, I feel they’ll simply live forever! My husband lost his Mom 20 years ago, the same year our daughter was born. That was difficult, considering she knew I was pregnant, but never got to meet our daughter, nor our son…Even after 20 years, we still miss her so much. Anyway, thanks for “listening” and keep up the rockin’ posts! 🙂

      • I am sorry to hear about you losing your mother in-law and when you were pregnant, too. I am sure she is watching from heaven, but it’s not the same as having her here. Losing Dad 40 days after my husband Dave to the same evil cancer was the worst and I try to keep remembering they are watching, but still missing them. Sorry,to go on about sad things…I guess I am just aways speaking from the heart. Now, I better thank you for listening Lauren! You keep writing the beautiful poetry and I will keep writing the rockin’ posts. You and Autumn are so brave, I keep my poetry to myself and can’t bring myself to share it yet but maybe someday. 🙂

        • Well, losing your Dad and Husband that close together would be beyond tough; I can’t even imagine. I know they’re all watching over us, but you’re right, it doesn’t make it easier, wishing they were here physically…I’ve never shared my poetry; this is a first and I really love Autumn’s blog, too! Maybe someday, we’ll be privileged to read yours, as well! 🙂

  3. It was tough losing Dad and Dave so close together, I am just grateful I stayed sane. The weird thing is the cancer was multiple myeloma (bone marrow) and I hadn’t heard of it until Dave was diagonosed 2 years before Dad. Unfortunately I learned a lot about it, I honestly believe my strong faith got me through. I didn’t know this was the first you ever shared your poetry Lauren. You are way braver than me and you are also truly gifted! 🙂

    • I admire you for having strong faith to help you move forward and stay sane! We have also lost many close friends to cancer and it’s very frustrating. My poem “Wicked Relations” was written from Cancer’s perspective, evil and sarcastic. I guess I was so tired of finding out someone had this horrible disease that I needed to vent in a darker format. You and Autumn have already read it. This was a new perspective for me to try…Anyway, let’s hope for a cure someday soon…thanks again for the complement. I’m truly grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received (and truthfully, stunned)…It’s also been a fun, creative outlet for me, now that my kids are older and I’m always striving to improve! 🙂

      • I love that poem, Autumn told me about it and I read it. That poem was so wonderfully written and so right on Lauren! Autumn and I have lost so many relatives and friends, too and it starts getting to us all. I hope they do find a cure someday. I know you won a ribbon for “Wicked Relations”, that makes me so happy for you. I am also pleased your work is being so well received, it needs published! You are so blessed with your kids, it probably is easier to find time to write as they are growing up. Dave and I weren’t able to have kids, but I help spoil Autumn’s daughter and all my nieces, nephews and friends kids! 🙂 Thanks for admiring my strength, Lauren but I wonder at the moving on part. I still can’t fathom dating and I have family and friends who do worry, but I had the best with Dave. We all do what we feel is right for us though. Thanks again so much for your kindess Lauren! 🙂

        • Good Morning, Gabby! First of all, thanks so much for ALL of your “likes!” My goodness…what a nice morning greeting! Thanks also for subscribing! I thought I had subscribed to yours already, but I hadn’t, so now I have, too! Honestly, I’m still learning the navigation around WordPress…Re: publishing, a dream…I’ve tried in the past, but no avail. I should try again…thanks for the encouragement! You do have strength and I understand how you feel about moving on. If I were in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t want to move on after such a great marriage. I think it’s easier for men to date and marry again (from observations)…but, as you said, do what you feel comfortable with and what is right for you! Sorry to hear about not being able to have children, but it’s great that you have “kids” in your family to have fun with and spoil! I also think it’s wonderful that you and Autumn have a close sister relationship. I have 2 older sisters and we’re all close…It’s been nice getting to know you and thanks for sharing. I’m a good listener! 🙂

      • Hi Lauren, it’s Good Evening now. 🙂 You are so welcome and you deserved all those likes. I am so happy I had time to read most of your poems. Thay are all so moving, meaningful and just beautiful and you Will be published someday! 🙂 I thought we were all subscribed to be following, but this Word Press can get confusing. Also Autumn and I are listed separately and we shouldn’t be, the quirks we need to figure out! You have 2 older sisters and Autumn and I have 4 more younger ones. We twins are blessed to be so close, being a twin is such a gift. I am also happy to be getting to know each other better, too. Thanks for listening and sharing Lauren, you are just an awesome woman. You are juggling it all and doing a wonderful job, Wife, Mom and Writer! 🙂

  4. This is turning into a book! 🙂 Thanks, thanks, and many thanks for all your kind words! It’s great that all siblings in your family get along so well! I have found wordpress to be a bit confusing, but wasn’t sure if it was me or not…slowly figuring out how things work here and there! Glad we’re all connected now! 🙂

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